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What Does It Really Mean to Go Green with Plumbing?

The real meaning of green plumbing, explained. The term “green plumbing” has been gaining traction recently, but some people still need more information as to what it entails. Going green refers to practices that are environmentally-friendly with the goal of helping sustain the planet’s natural resources. It means making decisions that are ecologically responsible and […]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Hand Washing Dishes

Perhaps your dishwasher is broken, or you don’t own a dishwasher. You might be too lazy to unload the clean dishes and replace them with dirty ones, so you decide to hand wash your dishes. Here are three reasons why you should stop hand washing dishes: It seems obvious but sponges soak up everything. Bacteria […]

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Green Plumbing Material and Solution for Maximised Sustainability

With the impending threat of climate change, many companies and manufacturers opt for more eco-friendly materials, products, and processes. This decision helps preserve natural resources for the next generation. Moreover, it helps reduce costs due to the use of sustainable energy sources and materials. What is green plumbing? Green plumbing is a plumbing service that […]

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Helping the Environment with Green Plumbing

Going green has been an emerging trend nowadays due to the threat of global warming. There are many ways to make a positive impact and help the environment, such as changing your lifestyle and even building an eco-friendly home. As a homeowner, there are various methods to go green with your home. One of the […]

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How to Prevent Your Sinks and Drains from Getting Blocked

Blocked drains are a common problem most homeowners face. What isn’t as common is the knowledge that there are many things you can do to prevent your drains getting blocked in the future. Take a note of this list and remember that if your drains are blocked in the future, it’s probably because you’ve forgotten […]

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