Blocked Sewers

A sewer is a pipe, usually buried underground, that carries waste and used water from sinks and toilets. It also carries faeces, urine, and other wastewater produced by homes and business establishments. The sewer carries these wastes, called sewage, away from homes and buildings to a place where they can be safely disposed of, as approved by the law.

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Sewage System Working Smoothly

The sewage that passes through underground sewers contains many disease-causing germs and parasites. If a sewage disposal system is not properly maintained and is blocked, these wastes will not be disposed of safely. According to the Department of Health, the bacteria and parasites in sewage can cause the following diseases:

Blocked Sewers - blocked sewers

What Causes Blocked Sewers?

Foreign objects, such as baby diapers, diaper wipes, tampons and other feminine hygiene products, cat litter, and tissues can cause blocked sewers. Hair and dirt can also accumulate and block your drain pipes.

In the kitchen, cooking oil can cake onto your drain pipe walls, together with soap scum and food particles, which can lead to clogging. Accumulated leaves can also block drains and pipes. Being aware of these causes can help you be mindful of how to protect your sewer pipes and drains from being clogged.

Call Green Planet Plumbing to Fix Your Blocked Sewers.

Blocked sewers are a nasty business. When your sewers are blocked, your drains will run slowly. This can be a big hassle for your household or your business. If you suspect that your drains and sewers are blocked, give us a call!

Green Planet Plumbing is a team of plumbing and sewer professionals, and we cover the areas of Maitland, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Belmont and the Central Coast. Our plumbers newcastle can do a visual inspection of your sewer pipes. This will reveal whether your sewer pipes are blocked, or there are other problems at hand. We have a variety of tools and clearing devices to clear blocked sewers. Hiring a licensed plumber can give you the peace of mind that your drains and sewer pipes are in good hands. Call us now!

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