Pipe Relining

Our professional services include commercial plumbing, residential and domestic plumbing, gas plumbing, toilet repairs, blocked drains – sewer jetting camera inspection and locating and solar hot water repairs and installation.

If you need underground pipes replaced but don’t want us to dig up established garden beds, paved areas or driveways Green Planet Plumbing is now able to offer an alternative! Pipe relining provides an alternative solution for our customers to consider. It delivers a permanent, easy and quick solution to repair damage to sewer and storm water pipes. Pipe relining is a method utilised to repair pipes damaged by corrosion, ground or foundation movement, displaced joints or tree root infestation.

Installation causes little to no disruption to everyday life. The method used to install the lining does not require your entire yard to be dug up, minimising the hassle of having to re-landscape and relocate pets out of harm’s way.

Piping Problems Result to:


From defective pipes, wastewater can enter the ground, discharging pollutants and chemicals that could contaminate the soil and drinking water.


If clean groundwater and rainwater enters faulty sewage pipes, it must be cleaned at the treatment plant as well and thus leads to the significant increase in sewage charges.


Benefits of Pipe relining


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