Blocked Toilets

Having a blocked toilet is one of the most terrible things that you can experience in your bathroom. It is inconvenient and unpleasant. A clogged toilet can sometime occur in the most inopportune of moments.

What Causes Blocked Toilets?

It is important to be aware of the possible causes of a blocked toilet, so you can do preventive measures in the future. Here are some common causes why your toilets become blocked.

Blocked Toilets - Blocked Toilets

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes or wet wipes, no matter what the label says, should not be flushed down the toilet. They can build up pretty quickly inside the pipes. Diapers and sanitary pads can also cause instant clogging. They should be disposed of properly in the trash.

Blocked Toilets - Blocked Toilets

Foreign Objects

If you have small children, you will sooner or later find something in your toilet that shouldn’t be there. That’s bad enough. But the things you don’t find could end up causing blockages.

Blocked Toilets - Blocked Toilets


Hair is oftentimes an overlooked culprit of a blocked toilet, but accumulated hair can do much harm to your toilet. It can also get tangled with other foreign objects in the pipe, which can result in a big obstruction.

Blocked Toilets - Blocked Toilets

Hard Water Problems

Hard water deposits can also be a cause of a blocked toilet. Build-up can occur over time and calcify in the walls of your pipes. The hardness of your water is related to how many minerals are present in it.

Blocked Toilets - Blocked Toilets

Blockages in other Water Lines

Sometimes, the cause of the blocked toilet is not the toilet itself. Sometimes, a blockage in other wastewater carrying lines, which can affect the entire system, has occurred. It can consequently cause a blocked toilet.

Blocked Toilets - Blocked Toilets

Older Pipes

Older and damaged pipes can also create clogging problems. One of the first signs of a collapsing piping system is sediment backwash. Slow drains in the toilet as well as other drains in your home are signs of a bigger problem.

Call Green Planet Plumbing for Your Blocked Toilets!

Blocked Toilets - Blocked Toilets

A blocked toilet is a tremendous hassle. Left unsolved, it can cause costly damage to your home. A blocked toilet can also alert you to a bigger problem, such as a deteriorating piping system. That is why calling a professional plumber is your best bet in clearing that toilet clog. Our team is made up of plumbing professionals. Green Planet Plumbing will ensure that your toilet will be cleared in no time! Avoid costly damage to your toilet and home. Call us today at 1300 G P PLUMBING.

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