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Eco-Friendly Drain Cleaner: How to Clean a Blocked Drain

Drain cleaning is not something we think about until we have the unenviable task of unblocking a backed up drain. Chemical drain cleaners, plungers, handheld drain augers, air burst drain cleaners, and home remedy drain cleaners are typically applied to the problem of a clogged single drain, such as a sink, toilet, tub, or shower drain. […]

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How to Know When Your Sewer Line is Clogged

Every property needs a properly working sewage system. If you own a house, you’ll need it for your daily water needs, especially for your kitchen and bathroom. The need for a good sewage system is even more necessary if you run a commercial or industrial facility. This is because the flow of water needed for […]

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Tips to Prevent Clogs in the Bathroom

Because of the amount of work and effort needed to fix bathroom clogs, most people do not dare mess with their home’s plumbing. Besides the fact that it will cause a huge inconvenience, no one really ever wants to deal with messy bathroom flooding, let alone clogged toilets and drains. To avoid the hassle, it […]

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How to Prevent Your Sinks and Drains from Getting Blocked

Blocked drains are a common problem most homeowners face. What isn’t as common is the knowledge that there are many things you can do to prevent your drains getting blocked in the future. Take a note of this list and remember that if your drains are blocked in the future, it’s probably because you’ve forgotten […]

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