What Does It Really Mean to Go Green with Plumbing?

The real meaning of green plumbing, explained.

The term “green plumbing” has been gaining traction recently, but some people still need more information as to what it entails. Going green refers to practices that are environmentally-friendly with the goal of helping sustain the planet’s natural resources. It means making decisions that are ecologically responsible and for the benefit of the Earth. With this in mind, it is easier to understand what green plumbing intends to accomplish.

Eco-friendly plumbing utilises water-saving and energy-efficient appliances to reduce their harmful environmental impacts. It involves significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and installing systems that would improve the household. Old plumbing practices may have been destructive to the environment, while green plumbing makes use of new technologies to revolutionise several essential aspects of the house.

Green plumbing is a great conservation effort, and it’s entirely achievable. To fully understand what it means to go green with plumbing, an individual would have to start by focusing on the objectives of going green and the different ways on how to attain them.

What Does It Really Mean to Go Green with Plumbing? - Plumbing

The Goals of Going Green

Going green means acknowledging that everyone plays a part in preserving the environment. It means embracing a new lifestyle that is more environmentally-friendly and conscious about the potential effects on Earth. Protecting the Earth’s biodiversity is of utmost importance because everything is correlated to humanity’s survival.

1. Reducing pollution

Going green involves leaning towards renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels, which can pollute the air, water, and soil. Great alternative energy sources include solar, hydropower, and wind energy. Relying on renewable energy helps reduce pollutants in the environment. If everyone on Earth makes an effort to reduce pollution, global air quality will improve.

2. Wildlife preservation

The United States’ Centre for Biological Diversity states that the increase of human population and consumption has affected the ecological balance so much that the rate of species extinctions is more than a thousand times the natural rate. Going green, which entails reducing paper products, supporting environmentally-friendly companies, and lessening the use of plastic, minimises the threat of wildlife extinction.

3. Eliminate waste

Organisations continuously encourage more people to go green because this reduces global waste. By reducing waste, recycling items, reusing old objects, everyone can help the environment. Decreasing the waste that reaches landfills also reduces the smoke and other harmful pollutants from reaching the air and the seas.

4. Lower greenhouse gas emissions

Global warming is directly connected to the melting ice caps, which dangerously increases the sea levels. The rising sea levels can then potentially sink big pacific cities in the world. One can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by commuting more and lessening the use of private vehicles. An individual can also use the air conditioner and heater less frequently.

All of humanity is living on the same planet. It’s up to all of us to do our part in saving it. People should do their best to reduce their carbon footprints and preserve the planet’s natural resources.

What Does It Really Mean to Go Green with Plumbing? - Plumbing

Various Ways of Going Green

Some individuals know that they must do something to help the planet, but they don’t know where to start. The key to remember is that every small thing can contribute and make a significant impact.

Many lifestyle changes are easy to do. Some people can get demotivated because they feel like their efforts are not doing anything. Still, if thousands of people stop using one plastic bottle a day, that’s already thousands of plastic bottles that did not end up in the landfills. Always remember to be part of that group of people helping the environment.

  • Repurpose old items

When you find things in your house that you feel you have no more use for, think out of the box and consider that they can be reused in another way. Old clothes do not have to be thrown away because they can be given to charities, sold online, or even shared with friends.

For those who know how to sew, the cloth from old clothes can be used to bring life to a new piece of clothing. Be creative with how you reuse unwanted items.

Ladders are being used as bookshelves now. Old bedside tables can be pushed to the window where you can add cushions to form a reading nook for kids. Don’t throw any glass jars away because they can be useful for organising ingredients in the pantry. It is in these simple ways that you can minimise your waste.

  • Eliminate the use of plastic

It may be crazy to see some people online having a little amount of garbage at the end of a month, or even a year. However, it is entirely possible. Start by buying a reusable water tumbler and never buying water bottles again.

Another easy step is to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid pre-sliced products in plastic packaging. When it comes to essential products in the household like detergent, buy the bigger sizes that will last you longer instead of the small packaging that’s only good for several uses before they need to be thrown away.

Bring lunchboxes with you at all times to avoid taking food home in plastic. Also, bring utensils along with it so you won’t ever have to resort to single-use plastic utensils ever again. These changes are minimal, but they go a long way.

  • Choosing eco-friendly products

The culture of consumption is increasing, and a simple look around the house will show you everything you need to know. A simple way to go green is to deliberately choose to buy products that are friendly for the environment. Know which make-up brands and skin products to avoid by researching which companies deal with their waste properly.

Check your cleaning products and see if there are harmful chemicals that add to the Earth’s worsening state. Always choose the greener option when purchasing anything, and do not buy any item that isn’t necessary.

  • Installing green plumbing in the household

There are plenty of ways to help Earth, like lessening the use of plastic, repurposing old items, and eating less meat. Such activities can be easily ingrained in an individual’s daily routine. Still, there is another easy method in which you can help out the planet – green plumbing. It refers to how a person can minimise the harmful effects of household plumbing.

What Does It Really Mean to Go Green with Plumbing? - Plumbing

Where to Start with Green Plumbing

Having eco-friendly initiatives in the house is a step in the right direction. There are plenty of steps on how to achieve green plumbing in the household. It won’t be easy and quick, so the key is to take it slowly but surely. Making so many changes too fast can be overwhelming and heavy on the wallet.

  • Shifting to more water-saving appliances

Most of the house’s water usage comes from the bathroom, so most of the changes would have to be done there. Older toilet models use an average of 4 litres of water with each flush, so it’s good to begin there.

Getting a dual-flush toilet is a big step that can lessen the water use by 67% because it allows you to choose how much water is needed for the flush. Showers also use up a lot of water, so choose new shower technologies like low-flow showerheads or shower systems with atomising technology.

The household can also shift to a low-flow faucet in the kitchen. The best practice is still to turn the faucet off when it is not needed, but even just changing the model can already help a lot. If the house doesn’t already have one, consider getting a dishwasher. The appliance uses less water than a person washing the dishes, so it is the greener choice.

  • Fixing or replacing old faucets and pipes

A leaky faucet may not be much of a hassle. Yet, when you look at how much water is being wasted, you’d regret not fixing it immediately. Still, it’s better late than never when it comes to fixing all the leaky faucets in the house.

If the shower also happens to leak, it’s better to replace it altogether. In making the house eco-friendlier, find a green plumber and ask them to have a look at the water bill and usage and see if everything looks good. If the usage is unusually high compared to the number of appliances you have in the house, perhaps there’s a hole in a pipe somewhere that needs to be addressed.

Green plumbers can clear plumbing issues without using harmful chemicals, and it is best to consult them when concerned about the ecological impacts of your current plumbing. They will also purchase materials from suppliers with green practices while educating clients on water efficiency as well.

  • Using energy-efficient appliances

It’s not only essential to have water-saving appliances, but energy-efficient ones, too. Old models tend to use up more energy, increasing the power bill. Household water heaters with hot water circulation pumps use up a lot of energy, especially old ones, so it is an integral part of green plumbing.

Thanks to new technologies, there are now solar water heater options. Aside from the water heater, installing energy-efficient washing machines and dishwashers also reduces the household’s water use. Keep in mind that green plumbing and energy conservation go hand in hand.

  • Installing a filtration system within the whole house

Green plumbing may involve installing a newer and better filtration system for the household. Dirt, bacteria, and chemicals may be mixed in with the water supply without your knowledge. Such contaminants in the water make it unsanitary. But with the help of green plumbers, you can have a whole-house water filtration system. There are different filters for you to choose from, depending on which kind you would prefer.

What Does It Really Mean to Go Green with Plumbing? - Plumbing

Advantages of Green Plumbing

Investing in environmentally-friendly plumbing is undeniably a good move. It benefits the Earth, your wallet, and even the health of everyone on the planet. Doing your part to protect the environment won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

1. Saves you money

Going green is more economical because it will help you save money in plenty of ways. Green plumbing, in particular, can help you focus on reducing water consumption, reducing your water bill.

Moreover, water heating is a big factor for high power bills. Green plumbing resolves this by installing insulated pipers and minimising heat loss, effectively conserving energy and reducing the monthly electricity bill.

There is also the option of tankless water heaters that heat water only when it’s needed. Overall, you’ll find yourself having more savings after green plumbing because your monthly necessities aren’t as expensive as before.

2. Contributes to a healthier environment

Green plumbing contributes to making the Earth a healthier environment to live in. Reducing water consumption will not only be good for you but all the people on Earth as well.

By consciously reducing the use of plastics and buying products without harmful chemicals and toxins, the pollutants released to the planet is significantly decreased. Less waste will end up in the oceans, with lowers the risk of contamination for agriculture and fisheries. The cleaner air and water definitely contribute to a person’s overall health and lowers the risk of diseases.

3. Provides cleaner water

The installation of better and eco-friendlier plumbing also provides the household with cleaner water. Updated plumbing systems can filter water better, making the water more sanitary for the home. There are several green plumbing options you can choose from like chlorine and carbon filters for the kitchen, the bathroom, or even the whole house. Understandably, this is a big undertaking. To achieve new filtration systems and even green plumbing overall, contact well-established green plumbing experts.

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