Green Plumbing Material and Solution for Maximised Sustainability

Green Plumbing Material and Solution for Maximised Sustainability
Green Plumbing Material and Solution for Maximised Sustainability

With the impending threat of climate change, many companies and manufacturers opt for more eco-friendly materials, products, and processes. This decision helps preserve natural resources for the next generation. Moreover, it helps reduce costs due to the use of sustainable energy sources and materials.

What is green plumbing?

Green plumbing is a plumbing service that is both environmentally friendly and cost efficient. It aims to reduce wasted water, recycle water that has been previously used, and use eco-friendly and sustainable materials. The use of other sources of energy such as solar power or wind to provide water is also a feature of green plumbing.
The above steps will not only lower the cost of water use but also help conserve it. It will likewise help you worry less with possible water shortage or no water at all during the hot and dry summer months.

Choosing green plumbing materials and solutions

Materials often used for green plumbing are polymer-based. Traditionally pipes and fixtures are made out of brass and metal alloys. These corrode over time and will eventually need replacement. Aside from that, these older materials often cause corrosion that contaminates the water, compromising the health of people using the water.
Green Planet Plumbing provides materials and appliances that are both cost-friendly and environment friendly. With expert Newcastle plumbers in the team, it will be easy to decide the best materials for your needs.

Water pipes

Having good water pipes helps prevent water and waste leaks. It also ensures the right water pressure for different needs. The use of cross-linked polyethylene (or PEX) and steel is favoured as these help maintain the right temperature for water passing through. Pipes made out of PEX are also more flexible and can accommodate sudden changes in water pressure.
Pipe insulators can also be added. These help reduce heat loss during winter months and saving costs for heating.


Green Planet offers well-designed toilets that reduce your water consumption. Environment-friendly toilets use less water compared to regular toilets. This can help save water usage by up to 60 percent.


Faucets are essential in delivering water to the household. Found mostly in the kitchen and bathroom, faucets can also be the prime source of water wastage. Green Planet uses newer water faucets that have a lesser pressure delivery system, and which prevents water from being wasted. These low-flow water systems help reduce water wastage and decrease energy costs. Of course, people should also refrain from keeping the water running unnecessarily in order to help save costs.

Showers and showerheads 

Showers and showerheads can significantly impact your water consumption. This is because not all the water that comes out from these is actually used. A green plumbing option is to use newer showerheads with better functionality.
Low-flow water technology can conserve water by up to 20%. Most eco-friendly showerheads utilise pressures that are only up to 1.75 gallons per minute versus that of regular showerheads which may use up to higher values. This helps save water and energy but does not necessarily compromise the functionality of the shower

Outdoor Water System

An outdoor water system is important in Australia. With high temperatures, crops and plants may die due to extreme heat. As such, having a good water system can help maintain the viability of crops and plants. However, outdoor water systems often account for the source of the most water wastage in households.
With newer technologies used through green plumbing, there is an efficient and scheduled delivery of water that will help plants grow and bloom. Scheduling at times when less water will be lost as moisture is important in saving water. Proper positioning likewise helps reduce water wastage and run-off.

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