What You Need to Know About Bidets

What You Need to Know About Bidets

Here’s why you should consider installing a bidet in your bathrooms.

Bidets are quite common in some parts of the world, like East Asia and Southern Europe. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Japanese or French toilet without a bidet. Why are bidets common in some places and not so in others? It’s a cultural thing in some places, while others don’t install them for practical reasons.

Many people are discovering the convenience that bidets bring to the toilet experience, attracting more and more households to install bidets to their toilets. What many people do not realise is that convenience is only one of the benefits of their installations. Bidets also have many other advantages, and we detail some of them below.

Types of Bidets

Types of Bidets

First off, know that there are several different types of bidets, each with their own merits. What type you should get depends on your needs, preference, or available space.  Some of the most popular of these bidet types are the following:

  • Standalone: Standalone bidets resemble low sinks with faucets facing upwards or sideways. Using these may take a while to get accustomed to. When you’re used to using them, you’ll find that standalone bidets are excellent for washing. These bidets, however, occupy a bit more space compared to the other types.
  • Toilet seat bidets: Toilet seat bidets themselves come in multiple varieties. Some of the most basic ones are nozzles or sprays that can be attached to the seat. The more advanced, such as those that are common in East Asia, involve entire toilet seats. These seats have built-in sprays whose settings can be adjusted. These settings can change seat temperature, water temperature, or spray type. Some can even play music while you’re using the toilet.
  • Handheld sprays: Handheld sprays are some of the most popular types. These resemble hoses with the end resembling a small shower head. Handheld sprays are normally connected close to the toilet for easier access.

It comes down to preference. Regardless of the type you opt to get, you’ll still be gaining the many benefits that bidets have.

Bidets are Convenient

Bidets are Convenient

Some people are put off by bidets because of the current practice of just using toilet paper works. Why go through the trouble of installing a bidet to fix what already works? What they don’t consider is that making the shift from toilet paper to a bidet is incredibly convenient. Bidets also come with a lot of other benefits such as the following:

  • They’re easy to install.

Most people think that bidets need specialised plumbing systems to work. While this is true for some types, most bidets will readily work with what you already have. As long as your bathroom has working pipes, bidets can easily be installed. If you’re unsure, ask a local supplier for more details.

  • They’re easy to use.

Many people are at a loss when they first encounter a bidet. However, it doesn’t take a genius to operate one. It’s as easy as turning on the faucet and aiming. The obstacle that most people face is getting used to using a bidet. Fortunately, the ease of use of bidets makes sure that you continually keep yourself clean with each wash.

  • They’re comfortable to use.

Bidets can seem daunting to use. After all, it’s a bit scary to imagine a jet of water aimed at you tender parts. Most bidets, however, come with different settings. If a strong, cleansing stream is what you need, your bidet should come with those settings. If a gentler wash is what you want, just adjust.

  • You reduce the chances of clogging.

The use of bidets is ideal for your drainage system. Having a bidet means that you flush less toilet paper down your toilet, reducing the chances of clogging and helping your bathroom’s pipes to last longer. They can save you a lot of inconvenience in the long run.

  • They don’t take up much space.

Bidets don’t take up a ton of space in your bathroom. These can be as compact as you wish, depending on what type you get. If you don’t have a lot of space, go for the smaller sprays that can be attached to the toilet. If you have some space to spare, consider getting a standalone one. 

  • They have a ton of functions.

Bidets aren’t just for washing your privates. They also have a lot of other functions that you can enjoy. Do you need to wash something that you don’t want near your sink or shower? Wash it down with your bidet. Hand-held bidet sprays are excellent for these functions, and the possibilities are endless.

Bidets are Great for Your Health

Bidets are Great for Your Health

Convenience is not the only boon that bidets can offer. What many people overlook are the many health benefits of using bidets. Using these to clean up instead of just using toilet paper can be advantageous. Some of the best health benefits of using bidets are the following:

  • They’re hygienic

Remember that faecal matter contains bacteria from your digestive tract. The most hygienic way of dealing with this is by keeping it away from you.

Proper cleaning, however, can be problematic. You can never get totally clean if you just use toilet paper after doing your business. Rinsing with just water, or both soap and water is a lot more hygienic.

  • You reduce your chances of contamination.

Faecal matter can particularly be problematic if it contaminates other objects. The worst cases come from bacteria getting into food or drinking water.

It can, fortunately, be prevented through the use of a bidet. Bidets allow you to wash thoroughly and remove any faecal matter from your body and lessens the chances of you contaminating other objects as a result. The smaller the chances of contamination, the smaller the chances of contracting other diseases.

  • You reduce your chances of irritation.

If you’ve ever had your skin rubbed until it’s raw, then you’d know how painful it can be. Rubbing the skin raw can also happen to with the excessive use of toilet paper. Defecating and cleaning up with paper multiple times a day, for example, can cause this to occur. The micro-abrasions caused by rubbing the skin can be quite painful.

The use of bidets could prevent this from happening as the use of water is a lot gentler on the skin and can prevent irritation.

  • You can prevent infections.

Scrapes, wounds, and cuts are easily infected if microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and fungi get to them. Using a bidet can mean that you reduce the chances of getting cuts and scrapes in your genital area. In turn, you also reduce the chances of microorganisms infecting your skin.

  • They’re great for other conditions.

The use of bidets can benefit some medical conditions. For example, some people experience frequent defecation or urination, which may demand frequent cleaning and wiping that could be harmful. Those with haemorrhoids also find using a bidet causes them less irritation and pain.

Regardless if you have pre-existing conditions or not, there’s no denying the benefits of a bidet. Make sure you take these into account if you’re considering getting a bidet installed.

Bidets are Environmentally Friendly

Bidets are Environmentally Friendly

Bidets don’t just make you healthier, but they also keep the environment healthy and are among the most environmentally-friendly options for personal hygiene available. Many of the environmental benefits of bidets come from using less toilet paper. Among the most notable of these include the following:

  • You’re saving trees.

In quite a surprising way, you also save trees when you use your bidet. That’s because you reduce the amount of toilet paper that you use. The toilet paper industry needs 27,000 trees daily to keep up with demand.

By shifting to the use of bidets, you help reduce the demand for toilet paper. Reducing this demand can mean that fewer trees are cut down for toilet paper production.

  • You save water, surprisingly.

It’s not intuitive, but you use less water if you use a bidet as opposed to if you use toilet paper. The production of toilet paper uses significantly more water if you compare it to the use of bidets. In fact, it takes 37 gallons of water to produce a single roll of toilet paper. Bidets use far less water.

Why should you care about where all this water goes or how it’s used? Toilet paper production uses clean water and produces wastewater. The environmental impact of this can be quite significant. Clean water is a precious commodity, while wastewater can severely pollute ecosystems.

  • You save electricity indirectly.

Toilet paper production also consumes a significant amount of electricity. Operating your bidet, on the other hand, does not. By shifting to the use of bidets, you also indirectly reduce electrical consumption.

  • Toilet paper turns into sludge.

Have you ever seen what happens to tissue paper when soaked in water for too long? The same thing happens to toilet paper. It disintegrates into small particles that either remain suspended in water or sinks to the bottom. Either way, sludge is formed.

Significant amounts of toilet paper can form a thick sludge that can be hazardous to the environment. If left untreated, aquatic animals that come into contact with this sludge face serious health concerns. The use of bidets lessens the amount of dissolved toilet paper that makes it to the environment. Just think of all the animals that bidets save as a result.

  • You reduce your carbon footprint.

Overall, using a bidet instead of just using toilet paper reduces your carbon footprint. It may not be a significant reduction, but every single act counts.

Even if you’re not an avid environmentalist and you consider getting a bidet installed for the other benefits, the help that you’ll be doing for the environment can be a bonus.

Bidets are a Great Investment

Bidets are a Great Investment

When getting a bidet installed, the only expenditures you have are the purchase costs and installation fees. The water consumption of these items is minimal, and you’ll hardly notice this in your utility bill. At the same time, you save a lot of money on other expenses. Here are some reasons why bidets are an excellent investment:

  • They’re not expensive at all.

A big misconception that people have about bidets is regarding price. They don’t consider installing a bidet because they think they are expensive. That is not true. As mentioned earlier, not many toilets have bidets for cultural reasons. While there are some expensive ones, many handheld or spray-type bidets are inexpensive and are quite affordable.

  • You save money on toilet paper.

Having a bidet will drastically reduce the toilet paper consumption of your household, which means that you’ll be saving money on toilet paper expenses. An average Australian household uses more than 400 rolls of toilet paper a year. Cutting that number can save you a lot of cash.

  • You save on plumbing expenses.

Flushing toilet paper is one of the biggest reasons for clogged toilets. Since you’ll be flushing down minimal amounts, then you also reduce the chances of clogging. You also save on plumbing expenses as a result. Aside from saving on plumbing, you also help maintain local water lines and drainage systems. Keeping these in good condition will benefit you and your house in the long run.

  • You’re preventing potential medical expenses.

We mentioned earlier that bidets have many health benefits. These may help prevent certain types of medical conditions, and therefore, it means that you’ll be saving a lot on potential medical expenses as a result.

Have a bidet installed in your home today

Have a bidet installed in your home today

If you want to experience these benefits for you and your family, then get a bidet installed today. These are easy to install, but a professional plumber can help you install it properly and effectively. Whether you need bidets installed at your house, office, or other establishment, our licensed plumbers are here to help.

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