The Most Common Causes of a Leaking Dishwasher

The Most Common Causes of a Leaking Dishwasher

You don’t appreciate how convenient having a dishwasher is until something goes wrong, and you notice a leak coming from the trusted appliance. Like most things, dishwashers need maintenance and upkeep to continue to run smoothly and allow you to have sparkling dishes. If your dishwasher is leaking, there could a few causes. Below, we outline the most common causes, how to identify them, and how to fix them. There are a few things you can check to see whether you can fix the dishwasher yourself. However, it is best to seek help from a professional plumber to ensure the root of the issue is resolved.
Before you start working on your dishwasher, ensure the power is turned off at the mains.

What are the most common causes of a leaking dishwasher?

The Most Common Causes of a Leaking Dishwasher

Clogged Dishwasher Filter

The first thing you should check is the dishwasher filter. If the filter is not regularly cleaned, there may be a build up of food or foreign objects that is not only preventing your dishes from being cleaned properly but also causing a leak. If you notice that the cleaning performance has dropped significantly, this is a good indication that the dishwasher filter needs cleaning. The filter is responsible for trapping food, debris, and other particles that are left behind from cleaning. To allow your dishwasher to run at maximum efficiency, the dishwasher filter should be cleaned once a month.

Door Seal Leaking

If there is water leaking onto your kitchen floor, it may be from a leaking door seal. Open the door of the dishwasher and inspect the seal to see if it is damaged or worn. Check that it is clean and that the door closes properly. Upper seals can be easily replaced. However, if it’s the lower door seal, you will need to remove the door which should be done by a professional plumber.
When the vinyl or rubber dishwasher seal ages, it can become brittle and that means the dishwasher can’t close properly and is no longer watertight. Sometimes the rubber seal can also get pushed out of alignment. If this happens, push it back into the channel. However, if it is damaged it will need replacing.

Unlevel Dishwasher

If your dishwasher isn’t level, it may be bumping cabinets and not closing properly. Water can pool up and potentially leak from the dishwasher door. To level your dishwasher, check the horizontal and vertical levels and adjust accordingly.

Leaking Water Valve

If your dishwasher is leaking because it has overflowed, the water inlet valve may be the cause.
The water inlet valve feeds the water from your home’s water line into the dishwasher. If this valve is defective or damaged, water can leak out of your dishwasher. In addition to a leak, this also means your dishes may not be cleaned correctly, so it’s important that it’s working properly.
To check to see if a water inlet valve is leaking remove the bottom plate (where it’s located in most makes and models) on the front of your dishwasher and check the water valve. A leak will usually be a slow drip coming from the top of the valve. Look for a hard water material or corrosion on the valve itself.
If you identify a that the water valve is leaking, shut off the water supply and replace the valve as soon as possible.

The Most Common Causes of a Leaking Dishwasher

Defective Pump

A detective pump could be the cause of a dishwasher leak. It could also be due to the pump seal. The pump circulates the water in the dishwasher and drains the water. It sits at the bottom of your dishwasher. It has two parts, one for circulation and the other for draining. If after inspection you notice that your drain pump has visible signs of damage, or it is continuously failing, it needs to be replaced.

Damaged Hose Clamps

The hose clamps secure the drain hose and the circulating hose to the dishwasher pump. These hoses and clamps can be found by removing the kickplate at the bottom of the dishwasher. If the clamps have come loose or the hoses have cracks in them, it could be the cause of a leak. Try tightening the clamp with a screwdriver. If this doesn’t work, you will need to replace the hose clamp. Be sure to check the clamps on both the drain hose and the circulating hose and refit the clamps or replace them if need be. You may need to call a professional plumber to do this properly.

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