What You Should Know About LPG Gas and LPG Gas Fitting

What You Should Know About LPG Gas and LPG Gas Fitting

Moving into your new home can be daunting. There are plenty of fixtures to buy, rooms to decorate, and necessities to put in. Your kitchen alone requires many fixtures to be dealt with, including the most important item, your LPG gas.

What is LPG Gas?

LPG, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, is a type of flammable gas often used for heating or cooking. This gas comes from processed and refined fossil fuel. In Australia, our LPG consists of a natural gas liquid known as propane, but this may vary depending on purpose.
Propane LPG gas is typically used in homes, while butane LPG gas is typically used in large scale businesses. LPG gasses come in gas bottles and are used quite commonly in both households and establishments alike.

What are LPG Gas Fittings?

Along with the LPG Gas are LPG Gas fittings, which connect the gas bottles to the fixture or appliance for use. These connectors include piping and LPG gas system connectors, as well as gas valves.
When it comes to LPG gas systems, owners are not allowed to tinker on their own. Handling LPG gas is dangerous, and it is potentially deadly if not done by professionals. Here in Australia, the states require that LPG gas be carefully handled by licensed gas fitters. These professionals are trained and licensed to handle and carefully install LPG gas systems.

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It is important to note that gas fitters vary in experience. There are plenty of gas appliances in the market and not all professionals may be skilled in installing all of them. So, it likewise important to choose the best gas fitter for the job. Take note that there are some plumbers that are gas fitters as well, in case you require work in both plumbing and fitting.

What should you look for in choosing your LPG Gas Fitter?

1. Find their license.

LPG gas fitters in Australia go through training prior to getting their license. If you want to be certain that your LPG gas fitter is qualified, ask for their license. This is crucial because warranties or insurance may be voided if the installation or any crucial gas work is not done by a licensed professional.
Also take note of where your LPG gas fitter acquired their license. Regulations for gas fitters vary in every state or territory. Make sure you have the right licensed professional.

2. Look into their experience.

Plumbers in Australia can also provide gas fitting services, but it is important to note that gas fitters are not all plumbers. If you are looking into plumbing work and gas fitting services, it is better to get a professional plumber than a gas fitter. Plumbing work requires other qualifications.

3. Check their reputation.

Don’t go with cheaper offers if you are not so sure they are fit for the job. Installing an LPG gas system is dangerous, you want to make sure your safety is in the hands of a qualified and reputable professional. Find reviews online or ask from friends. There are many Newcastle gas fitters out there, but it is always better to hire a professional you can trust.

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When you are dealing with dangerous but necessary fixtures in your home, it can be difficult or overwhelming to decide who is capable of handling them. LPG gas is dangerous if installation is placed in the hands of someone unlicensed.

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If you have questions or concerns in choosing the best company for your gas fitting needs, call our licensed plumbers and gas fitters! We’ll be happy to discuss with you and provide you with licensed professionals for your gas fitting and plumbing needs.
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