When Should I Consider Pipe Relining?

When Should I Consider Pipe Relining?

Perhaps the worst home maintenance project is repairing pipes. When you are having trouble with plumbing, your first instinct might be to replace the pipes. You are not wrong; replacing pipelines is a traditional way to remedy plumbing issues. This way, you will replace a faulty pipeline just like replacing faulty light bulbs. But, unlike replacing light bulbs, replacing damaged pipes is an expensive and burdensome process. It’s a good thing that there is a better way to repair damaged pipes, an easier and cheaper way to repair, and that is pipe relining.
Pipe relining is currently an evolving technology, and some people may not be familiar with it. We’ll give you a backgrounder on this plumbing repair process, below, and some things to note if you are considering this service.

Are broken pipes a persistent problem in your property?

Damaged pipes are a quite common home problem that need immediate attention. This is where pipe relining comes in. From small, persistent leaks, to instant pipe bursts, there are many instances when pipe relining will be useful. Below is a list of common pipe problems. If you experienced any of these, it might be time to consider pipe relining.

  • Burst pipes

It is only natural for solid and oily materials to be a part of your waste. However, they can increase the pressure of your entire plumbing when left unmaintained. This increase in pressure expands the pipes until they burst. To help you monitor your pipes, call your trusted Newcastle plumber the moment you suspect a clogged drainage.

  • Changes in temperature

Taking a cold shower in an extremely hot day may be satisfying, but not for your plumbing. Sudden extreme changes in temperatures such as running cold water along your warm pipelines can damage your plumbing. The rapid expansion and contraction of the pipes causes them to break easily.

  • Root intrusions

Pipelines naturally attract roots. They are an abundant source of water and nutrients for the plants. So when there is a leak, roots seep into the pipe and can clog your plumbing. Repairing these damaged pipes can be costly. It also involves the process of unblocking and making sure that the roots will not intrude after the repair.

  • Deterioration and rust

Steel pipes are likely to rust. Being exposed to moisture and other oxidating agents, this is practically inevitable. Rusting weakens the structural integrity of your pipes, which often leads to leakage.
Likewise, the natural wear and tear of materials as they age over time helps degrade the quality of these materials. Not to mention that the harsh substances and elements that run through these pipes shortens their lifespan. A routine inspection, maintenance, and repair from your trusted plumbing service will save you from further trouble.

  • Poor plumbing and maintenance

Seeking help from under-experienced or incompetent plumbers, or even fixing the plumbing on your own, can also lead to broken pipes. This may be because of a variety of reasons, such as an overlooked clog, or joints that are not screwed in well. Make sure that you hire competent and expert plumbers capable of maintaining your plumbing.
In order to fix these common plumbing problems, we need to understand how they are damaged so that we can also try to prevent damage before they even happen. Moreover, leakage of waste water is harmful for your health. That is why we need a fast and immediate solution to these problems.

What is pipe relining?

Pipe relining is a relatively modern, non-invasive maintenance procedure to repair existing pipelines. After a thorough investigation of the site and the plumbing, the damage and obstructions along your pipeline will be identified. Then, these obstructions will be removed.
With this method, pipe relining is not only for cracks or leaks. It can also be used for plumbing problems caused by obstructions as it is accompanied by advanced methods to ensure steady water flow.
The pipe relining method makes use of a polyester or a fiberglass cloth tube to reline the damaged pipe, hence its name. A mixture made of the latest materials will be poured to the liner. Once inserted into the pipe, the liner will then apply the mixture to the damaged pipeline. This mixture contains substances that repair and reinforce the structural integrity of your pipe without completely replacing it.

When Should I Consider Pipe Relining? - Pipe Relining

When is pipe relining used?

Now that you have learned about pipe relining, you might be asking if pipe relining is the appropriate repair method for you. There are several kinds of plumbing systems and problems that pipe relining is now widely used in.
Pipe relining works quite well for homes with poor soil quality, in which digging for pipes is a non-viable option. It is also suited for homes with pipelines pre-structured under landscapes that are either expensive or difficult to dig up. This method is considered a safe option because it does not compromise the quality of your soil with digging.
Because pipe relining makes use of flexible materials, it can be used to repair pipes angled or bent, even up to 90 degrees or more. A lot of cracks and leaks happen on the pipe angles and bended areas, and pipe relining can be used even in these places. The pipe liners will be able to reach through and ensure a steady flow of water after the repair. It can be used on pipe junctions and inspection pits, with the right method and skilled professionals.
Pipe relining is now also widely used on pipes of various sizes. Even on small scale plumbing of just 50mm to 375mm in diameter, the pipe line is proven to be effective. Pipe relining may also be used for larger pipe systems, from 50.8mm to 182.8mm wide in large buildings. It can also be used continuously for long distances, up to 200 metres for one liner. Best to hire licensed plumbers to survey your area, and assess your pipe damage in order to ensure if pipe relining is the best method for you.

The benefits of considering pipe relining

Pipe relining is chosen by many Australian homes and establishments for many reasons. Here are some of the advantages of choosing pipe relining for your plumbing system.

  • Avoids excavation

If you want to minimise the trouble and worry of pipe repair, then you must consider pipe relining. Because pipe relining is simple and easy, there’s less disruption for you and your neighbours or business clients. Digging up during pipe repairs can cause a lot of mess and noise in your community. Since pipe relining only drills holes to insert the  lining, there will be no excavation needed. Even if the damaged pipes cover a long or large area, the repairs do not create a lot of mess.

  • Fast and easy installation

Choose a repair process that would not take much time and effort on your part. Other pipe repair methods, such as replacing the entire sewage or pipe lines, can take days to dig and clean up. Pipe relining is best, especially for people with busy schedules and those who would rather spend time with their loved ones than worrying about plumbing problems, because it can take less than a day to finish the work. This is also an important factor to consider if it causes some down time for your business establishment. The process does not need a lot of monitoring, as long as you have licensed plumbers whom you can trust do the job. They will handle everything, from preparation and installation, to clean up. You can relax as the professionals ensure that the pipe repair is hassle free for you.

  • Minimises costs

Pipe relining is the best option if you are looking for a low cost yet effective way to repair your damaged pipes. This process is less expensive than replacing your entire pipe or sewage line. Digging up the ground also costs and so does putting everything back where it belongs and tidying up. An effective pipe relining can last for decades, also minimising the cost for future repairs.

  • Preserves your landscape

Is the damaged pipe under a hard to access area? Will there be fixtures in your property that must be taken down in order to replace the pipes? Or will the area to be dug up include your perfectly grown grass or garden?
A broken pipe need not mean a broken garden or property. No one wants to break down walls or flooring in good condition just to repair a damaged pipe. With pipe relining, only small holes will be made to access the repair area. This will ensure that your landscape will be preserved in the process.

  • It’s a long-term solution

Because you are not replacing damaged pipes with new ones, you might be wary of the effectiveness and durability of the new lining. Pipe relining is not a temporary solution to your damaged pipes. It is proven to withstand the years, and can last several decades. It is just like replacing your pipes, but with better materials.
Your damaged pipes will be lined with durable materials which include Epoxy, Polyester, Silicate, Vinyl Ester, and Resin. This will make your pipes better than the average PVC pipes. The mix is resistant to corrosion and rust, thus making these seamless, lined pipes withstand for long periods of time. The materials are durable enough to prevent leaks or cracks, even those caused by tree roots and corrosion.

  • Ensures quality work in all areas

The pipe relining process can ensure quality work even when faced with the most difficult pipe problems or damage. An effective pipe repair is guaranteed no matter where the damage is. It is versatile enough to repair pipes of different angles. It may be used on pipes with various ranges of diameter. It can cover long distances in one liner continuously. It can even be used on pipe junctions and inspection pits, with the same effectiveness, quality of work and durability. This means that pipe relining can be your one-stop solution for different sorts of pipe damage.

Hire Green Planet Plumbing for your pipe relining needs

Pipe relining is a fast and easy repair process that must be done right in order to be effective. That is why it is important to hire skilled and experienced plumbers to do the job. People who are assured to meet the standards required in order to perform pipe relining. We meticulously check and prepare your pipes before repair and make sure that the relining is neatly done.
If done incorrectly, this may cause further damage to your plumbing system, leading to additional costs and problems. With Green Planet Plumbing, services are provided only by licensed professionals. Work is guaranteed to be effective and you may call us again if a problem arises.
Green Planet Plumbing also ensures that you will enjoy the benefits of pipe relining. We do the work fast without compromising the quality. We work to avoid disruptions to your home or business, and we make our services remain affordable. We do our best to preserve your landscape as we minimise disruptions. Most of all, we ensure that our repairs are high quality and will last long periods of time.

Contact your Newcastle plumbing experts today

If you are still not sure whether you must consider pipe relining for your damaged pipes, you may seek professional advice. All plumbing problems are unique and must be evaluated by the experts. Hire someone you can trust and avoid additional expenses in the long run.
Call us today or send an email for any questions. We would be happy to check your plumbing and recommend the best solutions for your damaged pipes. Because plumbing problems may come up at any time, we are likewise available to provide emergency plumbing services. Contact us today!