What is Solar Hot Water?

What is Solar Hot Water?
What is Solar Hot Water?

Going green has now become a global trend and even the government encourages people to save energy. It helps the environment when everyone acts more ecologically responsible. Solar hot water is an approach that uses natural energy from the sun. Solar hot water systems are driven by the desire to limit greenhouse gas emissions which in turn reduces energy consumption.

Have you ever thought about switching to solar hot water? If so, it’s best to know first how this water heating system really works. Here at Green Planet Plumbing, we believe that we are partners for change. And in order for us to contribute well to energy saving, we should start tapping this partnership some more. That’s why we would like you to know more about these things.

The solar water heating system

The system works by capturing and retaining heat directly from the sun and transferring this to a form of a liquid, usually water, that in turn traps and stores the heat. The science of the system is grounded on two basic principles. First, the heat an object has will eventually be lost to nature (environment). And second, the speed of that heat loss is determined by the difference in temperature between the object and its environment.

The system is also powered by an excellent source of energy. One that is clean and natural: sunlight. Solar energy, aside from being free of charge, is unlimited and does not discharge any of those harmful chemicals during the process of conversion. People might find solar energy inefficient when trying to generate energy which will be converted into electricity. However, electricity is not actually necessary in heating water. You only need to convert these the sun’s energy into heat!

There are several ways to convert solar energy into hot water, with each one providing its own advantages and limitations.

What is Solar Hot Water?

The most basic are Batch Heating. This usually is the method used in schools for science experiments that we’ve encountered previously. Basically, there are no pumps needed.

A little more complex but still a relatively simple method is what we call Thermosiphon. Similar to batch heating, it doesn’t use pumps and controls either.

Other approaches that use pumps and controls are Drains backing and Direct-Force Circulation. These are distinguished by their ability to gauge the heat of the collector versus the heat of the tank and turn the pump on and off appropriately.

Another system is what we know as the Antifreeze System. It is quite common in countries and places with a climate that regularly freezes.

Lastly, there is the Pool Heater System. This system is not ideal for domestic water consumption. Certain devices are built and connected to your pool, thus, you are actually using pool water. It is more suited for heating water used for cleaning and other chores.

What is Solar Hot Water?

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We can provide you with many benefits from using solar water heating systems. But the most important is that by using the solar hot water we contribute to taking care of our environment. Having a modern home water heating system might prove to be faster than some of its more primitive versions. Here in Green Planet Plumbing, our goal is to help you heat your water without sacrificing the environment due to the hazards resulting from machines and devices, especially those dealing with energy conversion such as a solar water heater.

If you want to know more about how the system works, call your licensed plumbers from Green Plumbing Planet and we’ll be delighted to help you out.