Signs Your Sewer is Blocked

Signs Your Sewer is Blocked - Green Planet Plumbing

Having a blocked sewer can cause a lot of hassle at home. Not only is it a problem in sanitation, but it can also be a threat to the health of the homeowners, too. This is why it is so important for you to know some of the indications that your sewer is blocked.
Knowing the signs of a clogged sewer hastens troubleshooting. Right diagnosis and quick response, in turn, will save you from costly repair. Here are some red flags that you should look out for.

Failure of fixtures

Signs Your Sewer is Blocked - Sewer
One of the symptoms your sewer is blocked is when your fixtures all fail at the same time. When multiple fixtures fail, this is a sure sign that the problem is with the pipeline.  These are the fixtures that you should inspect first if you want to validate whether the problem is with your sewer or not:

  • There are two things that you can do. First, check if the water goes down the drain. If it does not, you can proceed and check other fixtures because the problem might just be with your sink. Second, let the water run continuously for about a minute or so. If this causes any effect to the water in your toilet, there is a big chance that the problem is with your sewer.
  • Tub and Shower. Do the same test with the sink. If the water does not go down the drain, check whether it affects toilet water as well.
  • Toilet. This is probably the most tell-tale fixture of all because it is directly connected to the sewer. One of the signs your sewer is blocked is when water backs up or percolates after flushing. If you notice this, do not wait until other fixtures fail.  Call in the plumbers for proper diagnosis and appropriate actions soon as you can.

House main drain

Signs Your Sewer is Blocked
The main pipe of your house is the drain line that connects you to either a private septic system or a public one. The main drain will have to be connected to a drainage cleanout. If you have a private septic system, the cleanout could be anywhere between the house main drain and the septic tank.
If you are connected to a public sewer system, it should be no more than 30 to 40 feet away from your house. Once you have located this, take off the cap. If there is water coming out of the cleanout, then you know that your sewer is clogged.

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The problem might just get worse if you self-diagnose. If you have observed the said signs that your sewer is blocked, you should call in the experts. For quality plumbing and maintenance services in Newcastle, contact Green Planet Plumbing! We also service Macquarie, Central Coast, and the Hunter Valley regions.
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