Thermann Hot Water Systems

Hot water you can depend on.

Precision engineered for efficiency and long life, Thermann is setting new standards for hot water systems in Australia. Packed with innovative features and proven technology, Thermann delivers the ultimate hot water experience everyday. What’s more, Thermann is committed to total customer care, so you’ll enjoy market-leading warranties and full after sales support for many years to come.

At Thermann, Green Planet Plumbing know just how important hot water is to the smooth functioning of your home. Reliability is everything. When you choose Thermann, you’re getting precision-engineered equipment made with the best components and materials. Every one of our hot water units is made for Australian conditions.

Gas Continuous Flow

C7 Hot Water System

The Thermann C7 high efficiency Gas Continuous Flow unit ensures you will have enough hot water, when you need it. This unit has been developed to reduce wasted energy by pre-heating the water using heat from the gas exhaust, meaning you’ll use less energy.

Thermann - Hot Water Systems
Thermann - Hot Water Systems

Evacuated Tube Solar


Thermann Evacuated Tube Solar gas boosted hot water systems provide an efficient and reliable supply of hot water by harnessing the suns energy. Additionally, during those few times when it may need a little help, the gas booster provides the perfect back up, ensuring piece of mind while still keeping your running costs low.

Evacuated Tube Solar


Thermann Evacuated Tube Solar electric boosted hot water systems offer the best of both worlds. While the tubes harness the suns energy to heat your water, you also have the confidence of an affordable electric tank to provide back up if needed. You’ll not only have peace of mind, you’ll also reduce your running costs.

Thermann - Hot Water Systems
Thermann - Hot Water Systems

Electric Storage

Large Hot Water Systems

The Australian made Thermann Electric Storage hot water systems heat water in an insulated tank by an electric element, like a giant kettle. They’re quick and easy to install and are available in a wide range of sizes to suit your needs making them an affordable way to get your hot water now.

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