Plumbing Inspection before Moving to a New Home

Plumbing Inspection before Moving to a New Home

Moving to a new home can cause anxiety. One of the worst things that can happen is to find your new house has a number of problems you have to deal with. Remove this source of stress by hiring professionals to check your house for you – materials, plumbing, construction, and more.

Benefits of having a plumbing inspection

Having a plumbing inspection done before moving to a new home benefits you in so many ways. Licensed and expert plumbers help you identify water leaks, faulty materials, and other plumbing problems need repairs. This saves you money as it spots all the potential problems before they can happen.
Moreover, plumbers know what these problems are. They may also suggest solutions such as repairs or replacement that would definitely save you time and money. Aside from that having a plumbing inspection before moving in helps you feel at ease. You are made sure that there would be no problems that you’d encounter in your stay.

Plumbing Inspection before Moving to a New Home - Plumbing Inspection

A quick checklist for your home plumbing inspections

Most of the time, plumbers inspect drains, flooring, pipes, and sewage systems. They are looking for any risk of flood, water wastage from leaks, and leaks from the sewage. Here are the common areas and problems plumbers often find.

  1. Water supply system

The water supply system is the first thing to be checked during plumbing inspections. A water metre controls the flow of water in the house and may be turned off when there are problems with water control. Plumbers often check the water metre is not faulty, as this can cause misreading of water usage and increase your water bill. A leaky water metre can also cause a sink hole and exacerbate leaks.
Service lines are usually checked as this is where most water comes from. If they are too old, they may need to be replaced as they could be corroded and dirty. This can contaminate the water in your household.
Water heater and connections are also checked for leaks. Malfunctioning water heaters can cause you high energy bills and may also damage items.

  1. Water in the different rooms of the house

A licensed plumber will check all the rooms in the house where water isused. This includes your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room.
In the kitchen, piping of faucets is usually checked. Pressure valves in faucets are observed to ensure they are able to efficiently deliver water at the right amount and pressure. Connections with the dishwasher are also checked for leaks and other problems that may destroy your dishwasher, or cause an electrical failure.
In the bathroom, faucets are also checked like those in the kitchen. The flush system of the toilet is also checked for faulty valves and supply. A leaking toilet can often inflate your water bill without you knowing it.
Same goes with showerheads. Showerheads often have leaks and could flood your bathroom floor.
The tub and the sinks are also checked to see if they can handle and drain the amount of water they often contain.
The laundry room is also checked for leaks from faucets. The drainage is inspected as improper drainage can cause floods.

  1. Drainage

A licensed Newcastle plumber will also check the drains and the sewage system. It is imperative that the water supply system, and the drainage and sewage system, do not mix. If they do, it may cause a catastrophe in your and your family’s health.
Leaks in these systems are monitored. Your septic tank or septic pipes may also be inspected to see if all the waste truly goes there as it should.

  1. Outdoor water system

Most homes in Australia have outdoor water systems. The outdoor water system is often checked by plumbers to see if your sprinkles may have leaks or run-offs. Leaks and run-offs do not only increase your water bills; they also kill your plants with excess water.
Have a licensed Plumber in Newcastle conduct professional plumbing inspection of your new home. Contact Green Planet Plumbing today to book an appointment!