Most Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems

Most Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems
Most Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems - Bathroom Plumbing

Plumbing is a vital technology for homes, establishments, and buildings. And although these lines and pipes may not always be visible beneath the walls or under the ground, they’re hard to ignore once they become problematic. But what are these problems, really? What do they consist of?

Some of them are quite easy to be observed. Some have symptoms that are easy to detect and anticipate. Some problems, however, can go unnoticed for such a long time that you will only find out how bad the situation is when it’s very very bad.

Bathroom plumbing problems, if not fixed early on, may end up being broken permanently. This is why here at Green Planet Plumbing we provide ideas, strategies, and insights on identifying, fixing, and maintaining such systems within your households.

Signs and symptoms of bathroom problems

Among the signs that your bathroom has a dysfunctional plumbing system, the easiest to observe is the water’s physical qualities. Normally, it is the colour of the water. Rusty, oddly coloured water, partnered with an oftentimes unpleasant smell coming out of your pipes make it is safe to assume that you have a broken system underneath. If the water changes colour or smell, it’s a safe bet that something has gone wrong. 

Observing the drainage is also a good way to figure out the conditions of your plumbing system. Drainage problems can pose hazardous problems if neglected. Slow draining sinks and tubs are sometimes possible to fix with boiling water or maybe some cleaning products. But when these methods don’t work, then you got yourself a potential problem.

Water continuously dripping from your sink or shower is a sign of a plumbing-related problem. Drips are oftentimes attributed to worn out washers, issues in water pressure or sometimes just a simple case of broken valve/control. However, drainage might also have been playing a part with the dripping problem.

Most Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems

Common bathroom plumbing problems

Blocked traps are among the most common bathroom plumbing problems. However, they can be quite easy to fix. It’s often just a light clogs, but there are problems that can be due to heavier or tougher clogs. The difference is that with the lighter clogging problems, needles or long-nose pliers can already get the job done. With the heavier ones, there might be a need to remove the tub stopper altogether.

The much heavier clogging or stop-ups, on the other hand, might require some simple devices such as the pipe snake or the plunger. This is usually the case in stopped up toilets where the blockage needs to be broken up. 

Addressing water pressure related problems may require some simple disassembling, or require total replacement. If the water pressure is too low, this is usually caused by a calcium build up in the aerator. The aerator is easy to remove for cleaning, but if the problem is worse, then replacement with a new one is the solution.

If water pressure that is too high, this may cause dripping in your shower and tub. If it’s just the shower, it’s easy. Just do the whole remove-clean-replace routine. However, for faucets, there are different types and the fixing methods might vary according to this diversification. There are at least four common types of the faucet which include the compression, ceramic disk, ball-type, cartridge, and other newer types that contain O-shaped seals or rings.

Most of these problems are just the result of simple neglect from our part. These devices and instruments have an ideal lifespan as recommended by the manufacturers. When used longer than what should be, this usually is the cause of the problem. Regular check-ups of their conditions are your best maintenance.

When faced with such situations, you can always ask for help from experts. Here at Green Planet Plumbing, we are always delighted to help out.

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