Does DIY Plumbing Have an Adverse Effect on Your Home Insurance?

Does DIY Plumbing Have an Adverse Effect on Your Home Insurance?

Does DIY Plumbing Have an Adverse Effect on Your Home Insurance?

Before you start doing it yourself, it might be best to know if DIY plumbing has an effect on your existing home insurance.

Do-it-yourself home upgrades have been quite popular recently, thanks to the internet and TV shows dedicated to home renovation. But what most people overlook is the large-scale effects it can bring – especially on home insurance.

There is no doubt, though, why people favour DIY projects instead of seeking help from experts in different fields. First and foremost, DIY promises a cheaper way of getting things done. Second, it seems time-saving – when in fact, it is not. What they show on the TV and the internet are mostly time-lapse versions of the actual DIY video footage. On simple projects, it may be safe to opt for do-it-yourself if you wish. However, on home upgrades, especially of the plumbing system, it is best to call licensed professionals to do the job.

DIY plumbing repairs that could affect your home insurance benefits

What are the different DIY plumbing upgrades commonly done that may impact on your home insurance? Here is a list:

  • Sink pipe repair.

At first, this work seems pretty simple because the pipes are visible once you open the cupboard under the sink. However, locating the exact area where the problem is located is not in actuality an easy task. You may need to break apart those pipes, and this activity can be risky.

  • Unclogging drains.

Hair, grease, and dirt are usually the cause of clogged drains. With that, most people prefer to buy drain-cleaning chemicals that can be easily bought over the counter. Although popular for the general consumers, most plumbing experts do not favour these products. These chemicals are not encouraged because they produce strong fumes, which can linger for days. If these chemicals leak or spill for some reasons, they can pose a danger to children and pets.

In addition, the lining of the pipes naturally wears out, so whenever these chemicals are poured into the drain, chances are it will worsen the situation. Leaks will then occur.

  • Low water pressure remedies.

Low water pressure is most often remedied by removing the tap aerator and cleaning it. However, the tap aerator is not the only thing that can be at fault – it can be a much more serious issue. Broken and fractured pipes may also be considered.

While some will try to repair these problems themselves, it is best to seek help from professionals.

  • Toilet repair.

This is one of the most common DIY plumbing repairs the general public attempts to do. Yes, it is awful not to be able to use a completely working toilet for a couple of hours, but fixing this by yourself can create more problems than solutions.

If you’re considering saving money by not hiring services from licensed plumbers, you might want to re-evaluate your choice. Broken toilets are usually repaired through the pipelines and if you try fixing it yourself, you might worsen the matter.

One wrong move while ‘repairing’ your toilet can lead to complications that could damage water supply beyond your property.

  • Water heater fixes.

Repairing the water heater also looks like quite an easy job. A little research about how the heater works can fool you into thinking that it can be done by yourself alone. Since it’s often sediment that is to blame here, you might try removing it yourself.

Here comes the danger, though. Breaking open the pipes of the heater may cause gas leaks. If the pipelines are damaged in the process, then you will most likely be faced with leaks and flooding.

Why hire professional plumbers to do the job

Generally, it is a protocol for home insurance companies to investigate first the cause of the incident. Should they find out that these situations are caused or was aggravated by your DIY repair attempt, and that you did not seek the services of experts, your claim might be denied.

It is also best to trust the work of professionals for plumbing services that have to do with pipelines, as they could also affect the drinking water supplied to your home and nearby areas. For safe and efficient plumbing repairs and upgrades in Newcastle and Hunter, contact Green Planet Plumbing by calling 1300 G P PLUMBING.