Cooking on Gas: The Benefits of Installing Gas into Your Home or Commercial Kitchen

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The benefits of installing gas into your home or commercial kitchen

Most chefs and kitchen professionals prefer cooking on gas, so if you would like the same results as a pro, or if you are already one, then make sure to install gas in your home or commercial kitchen. Even if you currently cook with another source, it’s still worth considering having gas installed as well – you’ll be surprised at the results you can achieve.

The Benefits of Gas in Your Home or Commercial Kitchen

Having your home or commercial kitchen connected to a gas line gives you multiple benefits such as:

Gas has a faster heating time.
  • Gas has a faster heating time.

If you’ve ever used an electric stove before, you’d know that it takes some time to heat up. You can’t start cooking right away, which may be a problem if you’re pressed for time.

This isn’t an issue with a gas range – you merely need to turn on the stove and you can start cooking right away. This is especially great for commercial kitchens. You wouldn’t want to keep your customers waiting, would you?

  • Gas has better heat control.

When electric stoves reach your desired temperature for cooking, they shut off temporarily. When the stove’s temperature gets a bit too low after shutting off, it heats up again. This on-and-off cycle can be a problem when preparing some types of food.

Gas ranges, on the other hand, allow you to control the heat better. The flame is constant and doesn’t turn off or on unless you make it. Cooking on gas lets you control your cooking more delicately this way.

Gas has a faster cool down time
  • Gas has a faster cool down time.

Like the heat-up time for electric stoves, it also takes a while for them to cool down. Home kitchens need not worry about this, but commercial kitchens need everything at a fast pace.

Also, long cooldowns can be a safety issue. If you’ve ever burned yourself at an electric stove that you thought already cooled down, you’d know. Luckily, the cooldown issue is nearly non-existent with a gas stove. Once you shut the flames off, it only takes a few minutes for the stove to completely cool.

  • Gas has convenient Installation.

Gas lines are easy to install, and some experts can connect your home or commercial kitchen to the city’s gas line. The process is quick and hassle-free on your part; just make sure you get a licensed gasfitter.

Having a gas line is convenient if you want the option of using gas or electric. Can you cook that recipe better if you use an open flame? Use your new gas line, or if an induction stove is better match, you can go that way instead.

Gas is relatively smoke-free
  • Gas is relatively smoke-free.

Electric stoves can emit smoke when they’re dirty or when there’s food residue present. This isn’t a problem with gas stoves, so that’s a huge advantage. If you’re hesitant about having excessive smoke when you cook, have a gas line installed. Less smoke is produced.

  • Gas stoves are easy to clean.

Gas ranges are so much easier to clean than electric stoves, so residues shouldn’t be a worry. Cleaning a gas stove doesn’t require any special materials and solutions. Good old soap, water, and cleaning towels work perfectly fine. If you want this kind of convenience, then have a gas line installed. You also save time and money since cleaning the range so easy.

Gas ranges are extremely sturdy
  • Gas ranges are extremely sturdy.

A significant advantage of installing gas is that you get to pick a sturdy gas range for your kitchen. Most gas ranges are more long-lasting than electric ranges, with no complicated wiring mechanisms that can wear out. The mechanisms for a gas range are generally simpler and can be built from more robust materials. This means that it will take many years before the range finally needs replacing.

  • Many other appliances can be connected to a gas line.

It’s not just a gas range that can benefit from a gas installation; you can also use other appliances that consume gas. Notable examples include grillers, water heaters, gas ovens, and fireplaces.

  • Gas can be energy saving.

Gas appliances like heaters and burners can consume less energy than electrical appliances. By having a gas line installed, you allow your home or commercial kitchen to consume less electricity. Of course, this helps you save money on electric bills.

  • Gas is greener.

Lower energy consumption means that your kitchen is a green choice. It’s not just energy consumption that makes gas greener — emissions are also lower. Residential use of natural gas has been found to have 25% lower emissions.

This reason alone should be enough to convince you to install gas in your kitchen. It’s never a mistake to always go for the more environmentally-friendly option. It’s our responsibility, after all.

Is it a commercial kitchen you’re connecting to the gas line? If so, you can also use your environment-friendliness as a good marketing strategy. You can more easily label your brand as a green-friendly one and attract more customers as a result.

  • Gas is not affected by power outages.

This is possibly one of the biggest advantages of installing gas. Your appliances that rely on electricity are utterly useless during a power outage. Not with gas! Your gas-powered devices can continue to run even when the power’s out.

Now you won’t have to worry about not being able to cook when the power shuts off. Even if outages are unlikely in your area, it always helps to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. This is especially the case for commercial kitchens. You can continue to serve your customers even when the power’s out.

Gas is readily available almost anywhere
  • Gas is readily available almost anywhere.

All the major cities and suburbs in the country have underground gas lines to connect to,  which shows you how much Australia relies on gas, and rightfully so. As long as there’s a gas line, there will be a company that can help you connect to it. All you need to do is to find a company that can do the gas installation job properly.

  • A gas line increases your home or commercial space’s value.

It’s wise to factor decisions into the ones that you make now. If there’s a possibility of you selling your home or commercial space, be sure to have gas installed because property value can go up as a result.

The Downsides of Using Gas

The Downsides of Using Gas

Gas, of course, isn’t perfect. There are a few downsides, which include the following:

  • Safety requirements

While it’s true that gas leaks are possible, the chances are slim if you’re careful about it. Just make sure that you follow all safety guidelines so that there’s no risk of a leak: Shut off the safety valves, do safety checks on the pipes, and watch out for any strange smells. You should be completely okay if you do all these regularly.

  • Initial expense

All homes and commercial spaces connect to the electrical grid as a default. However, not everything is connected to the gas line. This means that it may cost a bit more to get connected. Also, many gas-powered appliances are more expensive than electrical ones, so your initial costs may be a higher. However, this should pay off in due time as you’ll save money in the long run with gas.

  • Gas stoves usually aren’t as aesthetically appealing as electric stoves.

Electric stove designs tend to be beautiful and sleek. On the other hand, gas ranges generally look more rustic, or bulky. However, appliances are primarily about function and secondarily about style and gas has fantastic functionality. Alternatively, it is an option to style your other appliances around the gas stove, for a cohesive effect.

  • Gas appliances require ventilation.

Having gas installed requires proper ventilation in case there’s a gas leak – having a well-ventilated kitchen prevents gas build-up in an enclosed space which prevents the gas from igniting or exploding. Smell and smoke should also be ventilated away, to avoid lingering odours.

  • Pipe installation can be complex.

This is only true in home or commercial spaces that are unsuited for pipe installations. The installation company might have to go out of their way to establish the line which may require a bit more time, money and patience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gas Lines and Cooking on Gas

Frequently Asked Questions About Gas Lines and Cooking on Gas

How do I make the gas stove last longer?

Gas ranges, even with regular use, can easily last you years. With proper care and maintenance, a good gas range will last for more than a decade.

The most important thing is to make sure that the burners are working properly. Always keep the burners clean and free of obstructions. Wipe them down regularly and do some deep cleaning at least once a month. Also, never leave the surfaces greasy or dirty. If grime sets in, the surfaces of your gas range may become damaged.

Finally, make sure that you do a regular check on the tubes that connect the range to the gas line. This is the lifeblood of your stove, so any damage to it must be fixed immediately.

Can I maintain a gas line myself?

No, but a gas line maintenance is easy for trained professionals. Unless you’ve got professional experience, don’t attempt to fix any damage by yourself, for safety reasons, but you can regularly check on all your appliances that use gas. Look for anything out of the ordinary and take precautions if necessary. If needed, consult with a professional regarding the next steps to take.

What should I look for in a gas installation company?

For a company to be qualified to install gas into your kitchen, it must first have a licence. This is only the most basic requirement, though. You also have to be discerning in who you finally choose. Make sure that your choice is experienced, professional, and easily reachable.

Find a Reliable Company That Can Do the Gas Installation Job Properly

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