Emergency Plumber Wallsend

Need a plumber now? Call us any time of the day or night for emergency plumbing services. Before you know it, our rapid response team will be there.

Emergency Plumber Wallsend - Plumber
Emergency Plumber Wallsend - Plumber
Emergency Plumber Wallsend - Plumber
Emergency Plumber Wallsend - Plumber
Emergency Plumber Wallsend - Plumber
Emergency Plumber Wallsend - Plumber
Emergency Plumber Wallsend - Plumber
Emergency Plumber Wallsend - Plumber
Emergency Plumber Wallsend - Plumber
Emergency Plumber Wallsend - Plumber
Emergency Plumber Wallsend - Plumber
Emergency Plumber Wallsend - Plumber

Wallsend Emergency Services 24/7

If you need a plumber in Wallsend today, then look for Emergency Plumbers Wallsend. Your local Wallsend plumbing company.

We specialise in providing professional maintenance plumbing services – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Wallsend. If you have an emergency plumbing situation then contact our office and we will come to you ASAP!

You can trust Wallsend Plumbing Services with all your plumbing and gas related needs, as we are aware that a great business is measured by its customers and the referrals that come from them. We have built our business name on the quality of service we provide. If you are after great service and quality workmanship at affordable prices, look no further than Wallsend Plumbing Services, the only plumbers you need.


Have one of our licensed plumbers come to your home to explain possible solutions and act immediately. For your convenience, we have a portable eftpos machine available as another method of payment.

Wallsend Blocked Drains

Our Wallsend plumbers can get to the core of the problem, with the minimum of fuss and disruption to your home or business. Quickly establishing the cause, unblocking the drain, and carrying out any maintenance work necessary so that it doesn’t happen again.

There’s nothing as inconvenient or as smelly as a blocked drain or sink, but fortunately aided by sophisticated CCTV camera and locator technology, our team will solve your problems for you.

How can you prevent Blocked Drains?

Ever heard of a “Fatberg”?

This is the term currently used to describe a mass of fat, oil, grease, wet wipes, and so many other foul items that can accumulate in our domestic drainage systems. In fact, due to the smaller size, domestic drains can block up faster and more often than mains sewers.

Emergency Plumber Wallsend - Plumber

Carrying out regular plumbing inspections and drain cleaning, yearly is recommended, can prevent fatbergs in your home sewer system.

You can prevent blocked drains and keep your plumbing healthy by only using it for what it is designed for – efficiently removing grey water (water from the sink, shower, bath, and laundry) and black water (from the toilet) from your home.

Drains are not rubbish bins. You can’t dispose of all manner of household rubbish down your sink or toilet and expect it to just wash away. Most of it will end up blocking your drains causing your very own fatberg.

What not to dispose of down the drain?

Wet wipes – no not they are NOT ‘flushable’, regardless of what the packet says. This includes – toilet wipes, baby wipes, bathroom/kitchen/BBQ/cooktop cleaning wipes, those little hand wipes they give you in fast food restaurants, etc. Keeping these items out of your drains will help to ensure your drains remain free of the dreaded fatberg.

With Wallsend Plumbing Services, we will take care of your drain or pipe blockage in a professional and effective manner. We’re the plumbers you can trust! If you are experiencing a problem, our licensed plumbers offer affordable solutions. Our Wallsend team is equipped with the highest quality technology in order to cause minimum disruption to your home and day-to-day lives.


We are committed to giving our clients the best type of service to resolve your blocked toilet and drain issues.
Get in touch with our friendly team today.

Wallsend Hot Water Systems

Have a hot water system but NO hot water! If your hot water system isn’t running efficiently, then not only will it be costing you money, but it may be harming the environment too.

Our licensed Wallsend plumbers and gas fitters have the experience and knowledge to quickly identify and solve most problems. As well as servicing most makes and models of electric, gas, and instantaneous hot water systems, we also carry out annual maintenance checks which include visually checking for signs of wear & rust and replacing pressure and temperature relief valves.

In the event that you need a new hot water tank then we can help you with a wide range of the best-selling systems from top name brands, efficiently installed, and often on the same day too. We’ll be able to advise you on the best make and model to suit your particular hot water usage, our customers can enjoy trouble free hot water for many years to come.

Hot water heaters are expensive appliances so it’s important to weigh up your options carefully.

Emergency Plumber Wallsend - Plumber

Electric Hot Water Systems

Many homes use electric storage hot water systems to provide abundant, reliable hot water. Many brands are stepping up to create energy efficient storage options which make upgrading or replacing your current hot water heater with a new system easy.

Off-peak options allow you to connect your water heater to cheaper tariff options saving money reducing home water heating costs. Using off-peak power could mean you need a larger water tank to ensure your home doesn’t run out of hot water. If you need to have a new electric hot water heater installed and you want to talk through these things with a hot water systems expert, contact Wallsend Plumbing. Electric instantaneous water heaters are also available.

Solar Heating

Solar hot water systems heat water utilising the ample free solar energy from the sun using a flat-plate or evacuated tube systems. The storage tank can be either roof mounted (close-coupled) or ground mounted (split) and backed up with either electric or gas booster for cloudy days.

Wallsend Plumbing Services can install a Solar System which will provide your home with:

Emergency Plumber Wallsend - Plumber

If you need to Repair A Solar Hot Water System?

Contact Wallsend Plumbing to take all that frustration away. Our extensively trained, licensed solar hot water systems professionals are available 24/7 for all your hot water heater needs. We can be at your home or business ready to go quickly. With all the interest in sustainable living and renewable energies these days, it’s little wonder solar hot water systems are so popular.

Emergency Plumber Wallsend - Plumber

LPG & Natural Gas Hot Water Systems

Looking for an energy efficient gas hot water system? Wallsend Plumbing Services offer the supply, installation, repairs, and maintenance on all styles of gas water heaters. Our experienced, fully licensed plumbers and gas fitters can carry out a huge range of gas hot water repairs.

We’ll get your unit up and running again, fast.  Common issues with Gas hot water systems that result in a plumbing call out include; Anode replacements, Corroded or leaking tanks, Dripping water heater, Pilot light keeps going out, Pilot light won’t light, Discoloured or smelly water, Water too hot or too cold or no hot water. Currently, manufacturers recommend that your gas appliances are serviced regularly, so it is important you organise a major service of your hot water system on a regular basis.

As many gas systems store heated water in a tank, we will ensure that all parts are regularly cleaned and checked for faults. If you notice a problem with your gas hot water, you should call in a plumber as soon as possible to eliminate the possibility of a gas leak. Gas is a highly flammable substance and any suspected gas leak needs to be attended to immediately.

Call our expert plumbers and we will rectify your issue with minimal downtime. Do you need a new Hot Water system and need advice on choosing the best heating source? Our trained professionals at Wallsend Plumbing Services can help.

Why choose Gas hot water?

Natural gas is one of the cheapest, most efficient ways of generating heat energy. As such, gas hot water systems are generally some of the best, most cost-effective and reliable hot water heaters available. If you’re already connected to the Natural gas network, switching over to a gas hot water system might be a very good decision. Especially if you currently own an electric hot water heater, as they are the most expensive hot water systems to run.

At Wallsend Plumbing, we can repair, replace or supply and newly install your gas hot water heater. We specialise in all well-known and trusted gas hot water heater manufacturers. Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) bottles are an alternative to natural gas – but can cost significantly more and you need to regularly order delivery to ensure you don’t run out.

Storage tank

A hot water storage tank is a well-insulated tank designed to store hot water. Most domestic hot water storage tanks also do the job of heating the water they contain, although in some systems (such as dedicated solar setups) the tanks are used only to store hot water.

The larger the tank, the more hot water it can contain, but the more energy it will need to keep it at a steady temperature. Tanks are usually very well insulated to prevent excessive heat loss.

As these systems regularly burn gas or electricity to keep the water at the correct temperature, storage hot water systems are not energy efficient. Storage Tanks are rated on a star system depending on their energy efficiency.

Emergency Plumber Wallsend - Plumber

Most systems rely on mains pressure to feed water around the house, however tanks for solar hot water heaters (and some electric systems) are often mounted on the roof or in the ceiling and use gravity to distribute water around the house. These are called ‘gravity fed’ systems. Where mains pressure is low or tank or bore water is used, a pump may be necessary to provide enough pressure.

Tanks are insulated, but there is always some heat loss over time, so it’s good to install them in a sunny spot or in an insulated space. Stainless steel tanks are more expensive, but generally last longer and usually carry a 10-year warranty, but still require occasional maintenance (such as replacement of valves and seals).

Local water quality may dictate which type is best for you; check with the installer. Whether you need to replace an old system or are looking to upgrade to something bigger to suit your families need, we can help you source the right product for your home.

Emergency Plumber Wallsend - Plumber

Instantaneous Hot Water Systems & Heat Pumps

What is an Instantaneous or continuous flow hot water system? Continuous flow hot water systems (also known as ‘tankless’, ‘instantaneous’ and ‘on-demand’ hot water systems) are small wall-mounted units that heat water as you use it, rather than heating it slowly and storing it as a hot water storage tank does.

Gas-based continuous flow hot water systems are among the most efficient domestic water heaters available. Electric continuous flow systems use less power than their storage tank counterparts, but still produce more greenhouse gas (CO2) than a gas storage system and because they operate on demand, this will often be during peak times. Continuous flow /Instantaneous hot water systems are more expensive than traditional hot water systems, but they are considered the best when it comes to power savings.

The only drawback of continuous flow hot water systems is that it takes 2-3 seconds of time to get the hot water flowing.

Studies are currently underway to decide if and how to include continuous flow water heaters in the Australian Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards scheme (WELS).The size you need (flow rate in litres per minute) depends more on the number of hot water outlets the heater must serve than on the number of people in the household.

For more information you can go to:


Let our licensed plumbers install, repair and maintain your hot water systems for you. With us, you are guaranteed a safe and efficient hot water system in your Newcastle and Hunter Valley property. Contact us today!

General Maintenance Wallsend

Keep your plumbing system flowing!

Our team of industry experienced plumbers offer complete plumbing maintenance services for homes, businesses, and investment properties. If your business relies on a well-functioning plumbing system to operate efficiently and hygienically, routine plumbing maintenance can ensure your system flows effectively every day of the year.

Scheduled maintenance is beneficial for many reasons:

A few common maintenance plumbing problems our team address:

Gas Fittings Wallsend

As highly experienced and reputable plumbers, Wallsend Plumbing Services don’t just deal solely with water – we’re also professional gas fitters. Whether you need a gas fireplace, a gas cooker or BBQ installed in your indoor or outdoor kitchen, or you have an emergency gas leak that needs repairing, you can rely on Wallsend Plumbing Services.

With our 2- hour emergency gas fitting service, you can rest assured that whatever time of the day or night you need us, we’ll have it covered. All our gas fitters are fully qualified, licensed, and registered, meaning that they can deal with any type of gas emergency, repair, or fitting. From gas pipe installation through to gas boiler repairs and servicing, and even LPG conversions, we’re the right team for the job.

For enquiries about a new gas connection, moving a connection or replacing one give us a call today!


Natural gas is praised as one of the safest and cleanest-burning fossil fuel sources. However, a fault with installation or lack of ventilation can cause a gas leak and lead to serious consequences for your loved ones and your home.


Improve the efficiency and comfort of your home. Save money and prevent emergencies by having one of our licenced plumbers come to your home and make sure that your plumbing systems are working properly and efficiently. Call our friendly team today!

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations Wallsend

Would you love a new bathroom to help take the stress and strain from your day? Want to streamline your workload in the kitchen each day with new appliances and workspace? Want a laundry where it is a pleasure to fold all that washing? Whether you are planning to sell, rent or just want to raise your living standards, we can help with our complete bathroom renovation packages. Wallsend Plumbing Services will help you add value to your home through smart and cost-effective renovation solutions.

We work with you to design and construct a solution to suit your needs and budget. Our highly experienced team work with you to achieve your desired look at an affordable price. Our team aspires not only to meet your needs but also to exceed all your expectations, regardless of how big or small your Wallsend project is.

We give you creative freedom, discuss your ideas and designs and offer our honest expert advice. Our specialists provide upfront pricing and keep you up-to-date throughout the entire process of the work. We understand a perfect home is incomplete without flawless plumbing. That’s why we take the time to make sure everything is just right. Whether you are renovating to give your home the “wow” factor before you sell or to provide the ideal setting for your family ‘s needs; renovating these areas provides an endless array of benefits for you and your family. It can make your home more luxurious, spacious and enjoyable. Take the opportunity to dramatically increase the energy efficiency and value of your property.


If you want to give your home or business a more modern & appealing aspect don’t hesitate to contact us.
Call our friendly team today!

Wallsend Commercial

Wallsend Plumbing Services commercial plumbing division can help with any plumbing issue you might have in your business. From leaking taps and blocked drains to backflow testing and thermostatic valve testing, our Plumbers can do it all.

Plumbers for preventative maintenance

In business, it is critical to prevent unforeseen incidents (eg. blocked drains) from affecting your ability to trade. Or maybe you are required by law to undertake regular maintenance and testing (eg. Backflow testing). This is where Wallsend Plumbing Services comes in. Our Plumbers can undertake regular checks and tests of your plumbing system to identify possible future issues and keep you compliant.

Commercial Plumber for your blocked drains

Whilst a blocked drain can be annoying when it happens at home; if it happens in your business it can be critical. We understand that in business you need a blocked drain repaired quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Furthermore, you need to know that it isn’t going to happen again. We have invested in trenchless technology for blocked drains. This means we can unblock your drain, inspect it for any damage and then repair this damage without the need to dig up your premises. In most cases, you can continue trading and won’t even know we are there.

So, if you are looking for a commercial plumber then get in touch to see if we can assist on your next project. Our WALLSEND team will happily provide an upfront, obligation free, written quote for larger jobs. WALLSEND Plumbing Services provide the following services for your commercial plumbing needs:


Rest assured, knowing that your plumbing works were completed by experts. If the plumbing work you require is not listed above, call our friendly team at Wallsend Plumbing and ask if we can assist.

Roof, Gutter and Downpipe Clearing, Repair and Replacement in Wallsend

Storm damage

Storms are responsible for many of the roof and gutter repairs that we get called out to fix. Apart from the obvious things such as breaks and cracks and tin sheets or roof tiles blowing off, heavy rain and wind can cause water to run in a different way down your roof than it normally would – and it’s this which causes leaks and floods. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to suffer damage to your roof or gutters as a result of a storm, then call us right away and we’ll send one of our experienced technicians to your home or business at a time that fits in with you.

Roof and gutter repairs

Wallsend Plumbing Services offer a range of assistance in roof and gutter repairs, from the installation of new gutters to the repair and restoration of existing gutters, we’ve got the experience and the know-how to help with all your gutter and roof problems.

Emergency Plumber Wallsend - Plumber

Minor repairs and maintenance

If, on inspection, your gutters appear to be pretty sound but are showing signs of wear or tear, then in most instances we recommend repair over gutter replacement, since this is typically the cheapest alternative. We’ll assess the level of damage and discuss whether a repair is possible. If your repair is only minor, then most times we can fix it within a day. For major repair work or a very large property, then it’s more likely to take up to 3 days.

Whether it is gutter cleaning, minor roof repair or a range of maintenance services, Plumbing Services Wallsend are sure to deliver prompt, cost effective solutions that will offer the best results.

Leaking roofs can cause serious damage

A leaking roof or gutter can cause serious structural damage if it’s not repaired. Signs that you have a leak can include stains or mould on your ceiling, wet insulation, and water entry inside your property. If leaks in your roof or gutters aren’t repaired quickly the problem is likely to escalate, causing damage to your walls, fittings, furniture, and house structure. The extent of damage can be reduced along with repair costs, if we’re asked to fix the problems when they occur, instead of leaving it until it’s too late.



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