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What To Do If You Have a Leak?

For leaking taps – isolate the leaking valve and shut off at the appliance – call Green Planet Plumbing for IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE

For leaking pipes and drains – Green Planet Plumbing may be able to patch the leak temporarily until major repair can be carried out, shut off the main water supply and call Green Planet Plumbing on for immediate assistance

Suspected Gas Leaks – ACT IMMEDIATELY – turn off all appliances and pilot lights, open doors and windows for ventilation, shut off your gas supply at the meter (if possible) or the valve on top of your bottles if LPG System then call Green Planet Plumbing for immediate assistance

Main Valve Shut Off – there is a main valve on your water meter connected to the entire house, to shut down…..

Call Green Planet Plumbing on 1300 GP PLUMBING NOW!

Available 24 hrs 7 days a week!

what to do if you have leaks