Signs You Need a to Replace Your Plumbing

Signs You Need a to Replace Your Plumbing
Green Planet Plumbing - Signs You Need a to Replace Your Plumbing

Being worried about your plumbing is a valid concern especially if you have an older home. It is said that almost 60% of all repairs done in households have something to do with plumbing. According to Smart Property Investment, “some 30% of new homeowners see their dream property turn into a nightmare because they didn’t notice plumbing problems before they made their purchase”. This is the sad truth. We cannot underestimate the importance of having good plumbing and maintaining it. Plumbing is one of the most used parts of our homes daily and after a couple of years, it will start to have problems. Nothing lasts forever, and plumbing is no exception.

3 signs you need to replace your plumbing

So, how do you know that your plumbing needs replacement? It’s often a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ when it comes to the parts of the house we can’t see. But it’s important to be vigilant. The following signs will let you know that it’s time to replace those pipes and to have a professional look into your plumbing.

1. Your pipes are leaking.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. You might think that one pipe leaking will not cause serious problems. But if that is your line of thinking, you are wrong. Even if it’s just one small pipe that is leaking, you cannot ignore it. Why? It is safe to say that your plumbing was set up during the construction of your house so your pipes will have the same age. If one pipe leaks, it won’t take long for the others to have the same problem.

2. Brown or yellow water is coming out of the faucet.

Sometimes, yellowish water will come out of the faucet because of a rusty water heater tank. Most times, however, it is because rust from your pipes is mixing with your water. The best time to check if your pipes are leaching rust is when you get back from a vacation or any time when you haven’t been using the water. When the water has sat in the pipes for a while and you see brown or yellow water, that’s a sign that you need to replace some pipes soon.

3. You have polybutylene or lead pipes.

No matter what age your pipes are, you need to replace these pipes right away. Polybutylene pipes were used from the 1970s to the 1990s. These pipes are poor quality and are prone to breaking. If your plumbing is made up of this type of pipe, then they should be replaced. Polybutylene pipes are prone to breaking, but lead pipes are dangerous to your health. If you have lead pipes, you need to replace them right away. Why? The lead in your pipes will leach into your drinking water making it a serious health hazard. Old or not, if you have lead pipes, you need to have them replaced right away.

Green Planet Plumbing - 3 Signs you Need to Replace your Plumbing

24/7 plumbing services

When you are faced with the problem of pipe replacement, you should contact a licensed plumber. We want to stress that you should only transact with licensed plumbers because plumbing is tricky and it can be hazardous if done wrong. Master plumbers at Green Planet Plumbing will be more than happy to be of service. For 24/7 plumbing services, call us and we will attend to your plumbing needs.