Everhot Hot Water Systems

High quality water heaters.

For 20 years Rheem Everhot has demonstrated superior performance in the international market. Currently, Rheem Everhot Hot Water Systems products can be found in various renowned hotel chains and public places such as airports, stadiums, government buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, villas, mess, restaurant, night club, beauty salon, spa / massage and gym around the world.

Since the beginning of Rheem Everhot water heaters product marketing, Everhot has been faithful to provide the best and professional hot water solution for its customers. This product consists of water heaters storage and commercial model (Electric, Gas, Solar), Instant / Unsupported Water Heaters (Electric / Gas), and water heaters system heat pump. Superior performance, consistent / stable and superior has made Rheem Everhot a brand of water heaters that are trusted, praised and favoured by consumers all over the world.

Electric Storage Hot Water Heaters

Everhot water heaters feature 50mm extra thick insulating layer, enabling hot water production to reach up to 90%. Double elements make hot water production faster.

Everhot - Hot Water Systems
Everhot - Hot Water Systems

Gas Storage Hot Water Heaters

Everhot gas storage hot water heaters come with adjustable temperature valves with a range of 30 to 70 degrees celsius. Lightweight, this range of water heaters feature low gas consumption and high hot efficiency.

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Electric Hot Water Heaters
Gas Hot Water Heaters

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