Review of Plumbing Trends that Emerged in 2017

Review of Plumbing Trends that Emerged in 2017

Every year, companies come up with new products that inevitably change our way of living. These innovations create trends that are present in every industry. The plumbing industry is of no exception. Plumbing trends vary every year. In fact, here are some of the plumbing trends of 2017 you may still want to check out:

Installation of motion sensors as water saving technology

This may not sound new but this is definitely becoming a trend in homes and commercial establishments. This plumbing trend involves the installation of motion sensors in showers and faucets. It allows you to use your plumbing fixtures without flicking a single switch or turning a knob.
The good thing about going on with this particular plumbing trend is that it is water saving. The showers and faucets turn on when they detect movement and turn off when they don’t. Fixtures with motion sensors are also easier to maintain than traditional ones. This is because the faucet system is improved and easier to clean.

New self-cleaning and environment friendly toilets

Review of Plumbing Trends that Emerged in 2017

For toilets, plumbing trends focus on easy and hassle-free cleaning. The new self-cleaning toilets now have built in cleaning treatments or electrolyzers. Toilets are now able to self-clean and disinfect with little to no effort from the owners. Not only are toilets now self-cleaning, they are also safer for the environment.
The plumbing industry puts a conscious effort in making sure that new toilets have low carbon footprints. There are eco-friendly toilets produced nowadays with low flow flush capacity. It is not only better for the environment but could also help people save hundreds of litres of water per year.

Increased demand for efficient tankless water heaters

Review of Plumbing Trends that Emerged in 2017

Plumbing trends focus on efficiency above all else, this includes improving water heater systems. The demand for tankless water heaters arose because they are not only efficient but budget friendly. One of the most common problems that regular water heaters have is that the stagnant water in the tank often cools down too quickly. Unlike regular heaters, today’s modern heaters keep the heat constant because it is not contained in any tank.
The materials used for these tankless water heaters are likewise quite durable. The initial costs may be a little expensive but they can last up to 20 years. Clearly, the long-term savings from tankless water heaters, and their efficiency, are two of the main reasons why demands are high.

Trenchless technology for effective low cost repair

In the past, drainage repairs were too much for plumbers to do and it was too expensive for the homeowners to pay. Homeowners would pay a lot of money for repairs that require a lot more time and effort to do. At the same time, plumbers would spend days just doing one repair job, costing both parties time and money. However, with the introduction of trenchless technology, repairs have become much faster and more convenient.
There is little to no interruption over day to day activities in the household because trenchless repairs are non-invasive. Trenchless technology or going trenchless is so convenient that it is among the most requested plumbing services.

Introduction of smart technology in plumbing systems

Smart technology is unique, refreshing, and truly innovative. This is one of the reasons why it is one of the most popular, although expensive, plumbing trend for 2017. The main purpose of smart technology in plumbing is to reduce the water footprint, and conserve natural resources. It comes in different forms in the plumbing industry, and one of them is ‘brain pipes’.
Brain pipes is a plumbing system that monitors the use of water in the entire home. It can even detect broken pipes or leaks to prevent expensive repair and replacement.
Another excellent example of smart technology in plumbing systems is greywater recycling. In greywater recycling, water already used is filtered to be reused for other purposes. The intention is to reduce water waste and expenses.
These are just some of most prominent plumbing trends of 2017. The year showcased the perfect combination of efficiency and environmental-friendly. We can only expect that this year, there will be even more improved plumbing products and services in store.

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