Emergency Plumber Edgeworth

Need a plumber now? Call us any time of the day or night for emergency plumbing services. Before you know it, our rapid response team will be there.

Emergency Plumber Edgeworth - plumber
Emergency Plumber Edgeworth - plumber
Emergency Plumber Edgeworth - plumber
Emergency Plumber Edgeworth - plumber
Emergency Plumber Edgeworth - plumber
Emergency Plumber Edgeworth - plumber
Emergency Plumber Edgeworth - plumber
Emergency Plumber Edgeworth - plumber
Emergency Plumber Edgeworth - plumber
Emergency Plumber Edgeworth - plumber
Emergency Plumber Edgeworth - plumber
Emergency Plumber Edgeworth - plumber

Edgeworth Emergency Services 24/7

Are you looking for a reliable, experienced plumber in the Edgeworth area? Then look for Emergency Plumbers Edgeworth. We can assist you with all your plumbing and gas-related problems and work with you to find the best solution both practically and financially. You can trust our Edgeworth team to fix the problem and prevent a recurrence, no matter if it’s a dripping tap, or something bigger like a sewer replacement or blockage repair.

Our Edgeworth Rapid Response Team is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. With us, you will get peace of mind in an emergency. With just a phone call we are here to help so you can relax. Our tradesmen are fully equipped with the highest quality tools and materials that may be required in an emergency and are fully licensed plumbers, drainers and gas fitters.

We provide cost-effective solutions with upfront pricing, so that there are no surprises when the job is finished. We will keep you up-to-date through the entire process after identifying the issue.


Have one of our licensed plumbers come to your home to explain possible solutions and act immediately. For your convenience, we have a portable eftpos machine available as another method of payment.

Edgeworth Blocked Drains

It is common for most residential and commercial properties to face the problem of blocked drains at some stage. Drains get blocked for a variety of reasons, however often the immediate symptom of the blockage is treated and not the actual cause. But this type of quick fix only superficially clears the blocked drain.

At Edgeworth Plumbing Services we will fix the root cause of a blocked drain with the latest technology and unblocking strategies to ensure your plumbing works without the problems re-occurring.

The most common causes are: debris, heavy rains or storms, broken pipes, incorrect pipe installation, water flow issues, and foreign objects.

Emergency Plumber Edgeworth - plumber

There are many chemicals and DIY solutions available for clearing blocked drains and pipes and lots of people try to repair blocked kitchen and bathroom drains on their own. No doubt, these products offer a quick and easy solution to repair blocked drains. The use of industrial chemicals does not always treat the cause of the problem and the blockage can quickly return. Without adequately assessing the cause, and not just the symptom, an effective and lasting resolution to your drain blockage might not be achieved.

With Edgeworth Plumbing Services, we will take care of your drain or pipe blockage in a professional and effective manner. We’re the plumbers you can trust!

If you are experiencing a problem, our licensed plumbers offer affordable solutions. Our Edgeworth team is equipped with the highest quality technology in order to cause minimum disruption to your home and day-to-day lives.


We are committed to giving our clients the best type of service to resolve your blocked toilet and drain issues.
Get in touch with our friendly team today!

Edgeworth Hot Water Systems

When you run out of hot water, you need it fixed fast. Preferably today! With Edgeworth Plumbing Services, what you get is fast, friendly hot water repair and same-day emergency replacement. Whatever you need, we can do it. From simple repairs to complete replacements, right through to free advice on the most cost-effective hot water system for your family and floor-plan.

Has your family outgrown your old hot water system? Are you finding it too expensive? Do you simply need the temperature turned down now that you have a toddler in the house? We’ll sort out any of your hot water issues, quickly and efficiently. We can help you decide on the type of heating method: electricity, gas, solar or heat pump?

The next decision, after heating method, is whether you go for a system with a tank, or one that heats water as needed. If you live in Edgeworth and have a plumbing issue, we have you covered.

Emergency Plumber Edgeworth - plumber

Electric Hot Water Systems

If you need to have a new electric hot water heater installed and you want to talk through these things with a hot water systems expert, contact Edgeworth Plumbing. We’re happy to help you make the right choice, then retrieve and install your desired appliance. We can also repair your faulty electric hot water system, so we’ve got you covered for any situation.

While electric hot water systems are falling further and further out of favour due to rising electricity costs, as well as their substantially negative impact on the environment, some manufacturers these days are devoting money and time to the design and production of high-efficiency models of electric hot water systems. There are certain things you can do, to decrease these concerns, such as choosing the right tariff.

Electric instantaneous water heaters are also available.

Solar Heating​

Are your hot water heater solar panels leaking? Do you need to Repair, Replace or Install A Solar Hot Water System or replace an existing electric system?

Contact EDGEWORTH Plumbing to take all that frustration away. Our extensively trained, licensed solar hot water systems professionals are available 24/7 for all your hot water heater needs.

We can be at your home or business ready to go quickly. With all the interest in sustainable living and renewable energies these days, it’s little wonder solar hot water systems are so popular. Solar hot water systems work by collecting rays from the sun using a set of solar panels, which then convert the rays into heat energy.

Emergency Plumber Edgeworth - plumber

As water pumps around the system, this heat energy is transferred into the water. The water circulates through the heat exchanger and tank, keeping it at a regular temperature. Since the energy comes from the sun it’s costing you very, very little. Solar hot water systems are more efficient, cost-effect and environmentally friendly than almost any other hot water heater.

For all work to solar hot water systems, contact Edgeworth Plumbing. Government rebates and other incentives may be available to help offset the purchase cost.

Emergency Plumber Edgeworth - plumber

LPG & Natural Gas Hot Water Systems

With current manufacturers’ recommending that your electric and gas appliances are serviced regularly, it is important you organise a major service of your hot water system on a regular basis. As many gas systems store heated water in a tank, we will ensure that all parts are regularly cleaned and checked for faults.

We clean the burner and pilot tube; check/replace thermocouple; test gas valve & thermostat; check inlet and burner pressure; inspect the condition of anodes; then test the hot and cold relief valves.

If you notice a problem with your gas hot water, you should call in a plumber as soon as possible to eliminate the possibility of a gas leak. Gas is a highly flammable substance and any suspected gas leak needs to be attended to immediately.

Should you encounter an issue with your gas hot water heater, from having: no hot water, your gas heater pilot light keeps extinguishing, your water not as hot as usual, the water pressure fluctuating, or your water bills are higher than usual.

Then it may be malfunctioning. Call our expert plumbers and we will rectify your issue with minimal downtime.

Do you need a new Hot Water system and need advice on choosing the best heating source? Our trained professionals at Edgeworth Plumbing Services can help.

Why choose Gas hot water? Natural gas is one of the cheapest, most efficient ways of generating heat energy. As such, gas hot water systems are generally some of the best, most cost-effective and reliable hot water heaters available. If you’re already connected to the Natural gas network, switching over to a gas hot water system might be a very good decision. Especially if you currently own an electric hot water heater, as they are the most expensive hot water systems to run.

At Edgeworth Plumbing, we can repair, replace or supply and newly install your gas hot water heater. We specialise in all well-known and trusted gas hot water heater manufacturers. Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) bottles are an alternative to natural gas – but can cost significantly more and you need to regularly order delivery to ensure you don’t run out.

Storage tank

Most electric, gas, solar and heat pump hot water systems use a storage system where water is stored in an insulated tank. As these systems regularly burn gas or electricity to keep the water at the correct temperature, storage hot water systems are not energy efficient.

Storage Tanks are rated on a star system depending on their energy efficiency. Tanks are insulated, but there is always some heat loss over time, so it’s good to install them in a sunny spot or in an insulated space.

Gas storage heaters are commonly made with a steel storage cylinder that is coated with vitreous enamel which helps the cylinder to resist corrosion. More expensive models feature stainless steel storage cylinders, which can prove to be more durable than the regular steel units.

Emergency Plumber Edgeworth - plumber

Stainless steel tanks are more expensive, but generally last longer and usually carry a 10-year warranty, but still require occasional maintenance (such as replacement of valves and seals). Local water quality may dictate which type is best for you; check with the installer. Whether you need to replace an old system or are looking to upgrade to something bigger to suit your families need, we can help you source the right product for your home.

Emergency Plumber Edgeworth - plumber

Instantaneous Hot Water Systems & Heat Pumps

Instantaneous hot water systems are one of the best hot water systems with an energy efficiency rating in excess of 6+ Stars. Otherwise known as Continuous flow hot water systems, these are extremely compact and reduce water wastage and allow better temperature control.

As the name suggest, continuous flow hot water systems don’t require water storage tank instead they work on continuous flow of water. Continuous flow /Instantaneous hot water systems are more expensive than traditional hot water systems, but they are considered the best when it comes to power savings. The only drawback of continuous flow hot water systems is that it takes 2-3 seconds of time to get the hot water flowing.

Most models use gas, but electric models are available. Depending on the fuel source and the model you’re able to choose, it could be cheaper to run and more energy and water efficient than a storage appliance. Gas is usually the better choice, but many manufacturers are now producing more efficient electric models.

The size you need (flow rate in litres per minute) depends more on the number of hot water outlets the heater must serve than on the number of people in the household.

For more information you can go to:


Let our licensed plumbers install, repair and maintain your hot water systems for you. With us, you are guaranteed a safe and efficient hot water system in your Newcastle and Hunter Valley property. Contact us today!

General Maintenance Edgeworth

Plumbing Services Edgeworth not only come to the rescue after an emergency. We also encourage you to schedule regular plumbing check-ups on your home. By doing this, it will help you maintain fixtures and help us detect problems before they cause damage to your home. So many plumbing issues are caused by hidden factors. With so pipes behind walls or inside cupboards, you need a Certified plumber who will know where to look.

Our plumbers are trained to discover the underlying problem. By finding the impending issue early, they can document the findings for your records and fix the problem on the spot. Current research tells us that most homeowners will call a plumber once every three years, depending on the age of their home. While some may need a visit every year.

Our maintenance schedules include all the little jobs, a leaky tap that needs replacing, or peeling paint, mould formation or damp patches which can indicate that the piping behind, has begun to leak. Our team at Plumbing Services Edgeworth will provide you with cost–effective upfront pricing and only use material from trusted suppliers.

Gas Fittings Edgeworth

Gas Connections

When it comes to turning your house into a home, introducing the reliability, warmth and control of natural gas is one of the most desired features for Australian home owners.

You can’t beat the beauty of a natural gas flame to bring family and friends together at home, whether cosying up in the living room or entertaining guests outside. In the kitchen, every chef knows natural gas cooking gives you the control and superior performance needed for those every day meals or your next dinner party creation.

Our outdoor entertaining areas have developed rapidly in recent years to become one of the most loved rooms of the home. Your connected BBQ will never run out of natural gas when you’re feeding loved ones and a connected fire pit or outdoor heater will keep everyone warm and comfortable all year round.

Emergency Plumber Edgeworth - plumber

Our highly experienced Edgeworth team can assist you with a new gas connection, moving a connection or replacing one. Our tradesmen are licensed with both LPG and Natural gas system and keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and designs. Plumbing Services Edgeworth specialises in gas heaters and provide yearly check-ups to protect the safety of you and your family.

For enquiries about a new gas connection, moving a connection or replacing one give us a call today!


Natural gas is praised as one of the safest and cleanest-burning fossil fuel sources. However, a fault with installation or lack of ventilation can cause a gas leak and lead to serious consequences for your loved ones and your home.


Improve the efficiency and comfort of your home. Save money and prevent emergencies by having one of our licenced plumbers come to your home and make sure that your plumbing systems are working properly and efficiently.

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations Edgeworth

Using a beautiful, functional bathroom can be a little like taking a holiday: luxurious and relaxing. The plumbing is the core of any bathroom, whether big or small. From keeping the fundamentals in right place to demolition & removal of old fixtures, bathroom renovation requires detailed planning and effort.

Are you sick of living with a 20th Century kitchen? Aside from improving your day-to-day life, a new or updated bathroom, kitchen or laundry, will increase your home’s value and saleability. If you are planning a renovation, extension or upgrade to your home or business, our specialists at Edgeworth Plumbing Services aim to make your dreams come true.

Our team aspires not only to meet your needs but also to exceed all your expectations, regardless of how big or small your Edgeworth project is. Our highly experienced team work with you to achieve your desired look at an affordable price.

We give you creative freedom, discuss your ideas and designs and offer our honest expert advice. Our specialists provide upfront pricing and keep you up-to-date throughout the entire process of the work. We understand a perfect home is incomplete without flawless plumbing. That’s why we take the time to make sure everything is just right.

Whether you are renovating to give your home the “wow” factor before you sell or to provide the ideal setting for your family ‘s needs; renovating these areas provides an endless array of benefits for you and your family. It can make your home more luxurious, spacious and enjoyable. Take the opportunity to dramatically increase the energy efficiency and value of your property.


If you want to give your home or business a more modern & appealing aspect don’t hesitate to contact us. Call our friendly team today!

Edgeworth Commercial

Being out of action is never a recipe for a Successful business.

Commercial plumbing maintenance will keep plumbing issues and water leaks from draining your profits and leave the money in your pockets where it belongs. By choosing qualified, professional, trustworthy and helpful Plumbers to look after your business’s plumbing services needs you can rest assured your business will be looked after to the highest standards promptly and continuously. Our licensed tradesmen are highly experienced and very familiar with the codes and regulations within the Commercial sector.

It is very important wo you authorize to look after your business on-site maintenance. The wrong decision may cost your business more in the long run if the best choice isn’t initially made. Not only will there be a financial loss with poor maintenance, there may be safety issues that are dangerous to your staff and customers.

Our objective is to improve your company’s productivity & profitability, regardless of whether your company needs maintenance completed, emergency works, or a new site built. When you make regular plumbing maintenance a priority, you will catch issues early, and you will be able to make the proper plumbing repairs before damage is done to your property. With the latest technology we are prepared to assist companies of all shapes and sizes, with the aim to exceed your expectations with all projects we complete. Our purpose is to give your company the opportunity to achieve its long-term goals by getting the job done as soon as possible.

Emergency Plumber Edgeworth - plumber

We achieve this by having flexible working hours to ensure that there is minimum disruption to your day-to-day operations. Our Edgeworth team will happily provide an upfront, obligation free, written quote for larger jobs. Edgeworth Plumbing Services provide the following services for your commercial plumbing needs:


Rest assured, knowing that your plumbing works were completed by experts. If the plumbing work you require is not listed above, call our friendly team at Edgeworth Plumbing  and ask if we can assist.

Roof, Gutter and Downpipe Clearing, Repair and Replacement in Edgeworth

It’s easy to take your guttering and roof for granted. An annual DIY guttering and roof check can prevent a leaking roof and expensive repairs. Walking around on the roof is not good for your roof and can be hazardous. Use a ladder and if you need a closer look, a pair of binoculars can help you zero in on the problem areas.

If you spot a problem, you may be tempted to take a DIY approach and fix it yourself. Before you do, ask yourself if you are really the person for the job and if your roof is safe to walk on. If your roof pitch is steep, you’re taking a big risk. If your roof is dirty or mouldy looking, it can be slippery and if you use water to clean the roof, it can become dangerously slippery.

You need to inspect your guttering from below and above. From below, look for: Sagging areas, Rust spots, Holes in the guttering, Weak or missing supports, Loose nails and screws, and Signs of damage on drain pipes.

Emergency Plumber Edgeworth - plumber

Also have a look at the ground around your gutters and drain pipes. If you see signs of erosion, it may be because your guttering or drain pipes are faulty. Guttering is designed to direct water away from the home. If it’s not doing its job, water can damage your foundations. If your guttering or roofing needs repair, think twice about taking a DIY approach. You may be able to fix a minor problem but consider hiring a roof repair specialist. A small problem in one area may be a sign that the problem is hidden somewhere else on your roof. Plumbing Services Edgeworth will fix your problem for you and may find other areas that need repair. It is much less expensive to have all your repairs done at once. When the job is done, you will have the confidence of knowing your roofing and guttering are ready for whatever nature throws at them.

Whether it is gutter cleaning, minor roof repair or a range of maintenance services, Plumbing Services Edgeworth are sure to deliver prompt, cost effective solutions that will offer the best results.