Is it Time for a Bathroom Renovation?

Is it Time for a Bathroom Renovation

How to tell if you need a bathroom renovation, what bathroom designs to consider and how to get the best bathroom results

Do you find yourself unhappy with your bathroom? Does your current bathroom situation make you feel you can do better? If your answer is yes, then it’s probably time for a bathroom renovation! If you find yourself dreaming of a rejuvenated bathroom experience, it’s likely time to overhaul your bathroom.

The Importance of Bathroom Renovations

Your bathroom is your private refuge. Bath time is associated with relaxation and taking your mind off your worries. It’s the only time you can be genuinely private if you have a family.

If your bathroom does not have the right ambience to relax you or it isn’t functional in the right way, there’s no point to it. Why lock yourself up in quiet contemplation if your bathroom stresses you out?

If you feel that your bathroom is not a pleasant place for you anymore or it isn’t working like it should, it might be time to consider a renovation. The good news is that bathrooms offer an excellent return on investment for your home as they improve your home’s functionality and gives you a more restful time at home. Bathrooms can increase the marketability of your home. If you plan on selling your home, a beautiful, functional bathroom can give you a better value.

7 Signs You Need a Bathroom Renovation Sooner than Later

A bathroom renovation can be a long, time-consuming process, but it’s worth it once you see the results. Once some of the common tell-tale signs present themselves to you, you’ll know that you need a bathroom makeover. Whether you’re looking for simple repairs or extensive replacements, here are seven signs that it’s time for a bathroom renovation.

Outdated colours and décor

1.  Outdated colours and décor

When colours and decors start to become an eyesore, it becomes a necessity to repaint, replace or renovate.

There are many reasons why you might stop liking a particular colour or bathroom design. For starters, many residents are not the original builders of their home. The bathroom design was likely at the behest of the previous owners who eventually sold the property to you. The colour might have been unpleasant for you since the beginning, or the way you see it over time may have simply changed. Trends change, especially if interior designs are more than a decade old. Some styles from yesteryears are not tasteful anymore.

Regardless of your reason, finding your bathroom’s colour or design unsightly is a clear sign that it’s time to re-evaluate. A repainting job or a complete bathroom remodelling is might be necessary.

What renovations should you do?

When renovating, colour is one of the first considerations you take into account. It’s a great starting point to find your inspiration and your overall theme. Décor colour is a reflection of your personal tastes, so you want to be careful with it.

Take your time when trying to commit to a specific colour choice. Rushing to a colour you want only to regret it later will cost you time and money. For those who are generally indecisive, it’s best to stay in neutral colours.

You would also want to pick bathroom tiles that use unique textures and patterns. While neutral style tiles are a classic, consider designs that “speak” to you. You should also consider functionality in your overall design. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Will I still love this in 10 years?
  • Will this be easy to clean and maintain?
  • Would someone else love this if I were to sell my home?
  • Are my renovations making my bathroom more functional?
  • What features, themes, colours and patterns will make me want to spend more time in my bathroom?
Stains, cracks, and small damages exist

2.  Stains, cracks, and small damages exist

Stains, cracks, peeling paint, and missing grout are annoying and a clear sign of a need for bathroom renovation. Many minor bathroom issues also lead to bigger issues with your plumbing and construction. 

An expert plumbing team can immediately see if there are issues in your bathroom. Still, small nicks or dings such as the following can be genuine warning signs to ever-growing problems:

  • Mould
  • Mildew growth
  • Leaky fixtures
  • Oft-congested toilets
  • Blocked drains
  • Weak water pressure
  • Water temperature issues
  • Old, damaged plumbing systems
  • Ventilation issues

Ignoring warning signs can result in costly bathroom renovations for you. You want to make sure that you address any small issues as soon as you can. Compounding issues can result in more expensive remodelling down the line.

What Renovations Should You Do? 

Once you start experiencing several micro-issues, consider if they are becoming bothersome or parts of a larger issue. A small nick on your bathroom tiles may not be a problem for some people. Small nicks that start leaks and moulds should receive immediate attention.

Broken fixtures also require urgent attention. While water leaks are not always visible, you’ll notice a change in your bathroom’s overall experience. If you’re experiencing weaker water pressure or specific odours, call a professional plumber.

Master plumbers can give your bathroom a quick assessment. They’ll look for potential issues and inform you if it’s time for a bathroom renovation.

The bathroom layout is messy

3.  The bathroom layout is messy

A common problem among many Australian bathrooms is what we call a messy layout. In some cases, bathrooms receive renovations without much forethought. These layouts then become an annoyance to the bathroom owner or the eventual owners of the house.

For example, there are bathrooms where the door can hit the commode or the sink. Some people are too tall for the position of their showerhead to give them a good spray. Other homes have tight bathrooms due to too many bells and whistles.

A messy bathroom layout can be stressful, especially if it’s an issue with important fixtures. A toilet that’s too small for you can ruin the entire toilet experience. It will make you want to get out of the place as soon as possible.

In an emergency, messy bathroom layouts are dangerous. It makes you struggle with what you want to do, and they can eventually injure you or your family.

What Renovations Should You Do? 

Messy layouts don’t always need extensive bathroom renovations. Most of the time, you would only need to talk to a master plumber and ask to reposition fixtures. Sinks and showers will only take a minimal level of work at best.

Some parts of your bathroom, however, would need deep renovations. Moving your toilet, for example, would need substantial plumbing work. Plumbers would need to open up a floor, reroute pipes and reposition fixtures.

It’s best to redo your bathroom layout in its entirety if you have multiple issues. A plumber’s advice is always essential in making your decisions to renovate. You can ask your trusted Newcastle plumber to give your bathroom an assessment of what they can do.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, renovations can be about addition or subtraction. Removing some bathroom fixtures can be useful if space is at a premium. Adding new features to your bathroom would be excellent with enough leeway.

Inferior lighting

4.  Inferior lighting

Do you look entirely different inside your bathroom versus outside? Is your vanity light so dim that it prevents you from seeing your details? These are common lighting issues in many bathrooms.

When it comes to bathrooms, many people neglect bad lighting when considering a renovation. Many believe that lighting issues are easy to resolve, and usually, they are. You only need to change a few light bulbs here and there, and you’re good.

Still, there are bathrooms with poor lighting, such as those with only a single light source, usually coming from the ceiling. Other bathrooms have no windows looking out, and others are too big for their illumination.

A bathroom needs good illumination for it to feel cosy and homey. A simple white fluorescent bulb makes the colours of your bathroom look drab. Aesthetic lighting dictates the mood and can help you relax more.

What Renovations Should You Do? 

Consider adding more lighting fixtures when you do bathroom renovations. Add more sources of light when you can, especially for rooms with no windows. See if it’s possible to add more ways to include ambient lighting for relaxing and task lighting for grooming and self-care activities.

Indirect lighting around your bathroom’s cornice would do a lot for the mood. Dim accent lighting around the corners can also support the central light for a brighter bathroom.

If you have a tub, mood lighting will help improve your relaxation inside your bathroom. Consider adding specific lighting fixtures to illuminate your vanity mirror.

Your bathroom storage is limited

5.  Your bathroom storage is limited

For many Australian homes, bathroom storage is rarely a significant consideration. Still, the ability to store your bathroom necessities and toiletries in the bathroom is vital. After all, you should have everything you need within arm’s reach inside your bathroom.

The last thing you need is to start looking around your home for toiletries when inside the bathroom. Soaps, shampoo, conditioners, and some medications should be inside the bathroom. Toilet paper, towels, and wipes should also stay inside.

If you feel you lack storage space, it’s time for a bathroom remodelling – It’s time for you to add more storage!

What Renovations Should You Do? 

Adding storage space should come into consideration during the design process. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you would want a few cabinets at the very least. One bottom cabinet can store cleaning products, while overhead cabinets can store hygiene products.

A place to put some decor would be beneficial, especially if you have a window. A nice ledge to your window can support vases, candles, and even incense. Add some rails where you can put your towels and other wipes.

You can place a few extra furniture or some fixtures near the door. Take advantage if you have the space to spare by affixing storage solutions. Cabinets and shelves make a bathroom feel more luxurious than it is.

Your bathroom is too cramped

6.  Your bathroom is too cramped

A cramped bathroom can be a headache. Bathrooms should make you comfortable instead of claustrophobic, so you need to have enough space to attend to your needs every day.

Do you feel it’s a bit awkward to move around your bathroom when putting on your makeup? Is it hard for you to fit around spaces if you drop something on the floor? Is your morning shave limited by how you can position your tools?

If the answer to any of these is a resounding yes, then it’s time for a bathroom renovation! You need to have a professional help increase the current space that you have.

What Renovations Should You Do? 

When you are looking to increase your bathroom space, there are two ways to go about it. First, you can check for areas of your bathroom that you want to optimise and remove. Second, you can also see if there’s space to widen your bathroom physically.

In the first solution, the answer is always to see what is vital for you. You may have a bathtub, but if you don’t use it at all or dislike long baths, there’s no point in having it. You might as well remove the tub and add a shower cubicle and fixtures.

Contemplate what you need in your bathroom. Remove what you don’t need from the layout and substitute with something else. There’s no point in cabinets and shelves that are not being used at all.

By removing bathroom fixtures that you don’t need, you reclaim space to work with. It also allows you to do something else with the space or add removable furniture instead.

The second solution is to expand your space by moving or removing walls. If you have too cramped a bathroom space, find areas in your home where you can move the walls. Have a licensed plumber assess the situation for you and see the best-case scenario.

If you’re moving a wall, it’s pivotal to speak with a licensed plumber first because you would likely need prior permission to do construction for your bathroom. Always follow the advice of plumbing experts and ask for a quotation before saying yes to their service.

Your family’s bathroom needs are changing

7.  Your family’s bathroom needs are changing

Bathrooms would need to keep their value over time. As your family grows older, their bathroom needs also starting changing. An ideal bathroom will be able to serve your requirements to live a comfortable life.

While you’re single, a small and cramped bathroom may not be a problem. It should be enough for your daily needs. Even when you bring another person into your life, a small bathroom would still be workable.

Once you start having a family however, a single, small bathroom will not be enough. Every family member would need their own storage in the bathroom. The older your children get, the more needs they develop.

It’s the same when you grow old. You would want to develop your bathroom further to increase accessibility options. Older people usually require grab rails, shower chairs, and other features to keep themselves safe.

What Renovations Should You Do? 

When your needs are changing, assess your family’s bathroom use. See what additions you can install for the renovation that will make your situation better. You would want to put into consideration everyone’s needs.

In some cases, safety rails and other accessibility options need a professional plumbing team. Plumbers have experience in bathroom construction, and they can usually help maximise the space you depending on your unique needs.

Talk to Expert Newcastle Plumbing Professionals for Your Next Bathroom Renovation

Talk to Expert Newcastle Plumbing Professionals for Your Next Bathroom Renovation

When is it time for a bathroom renovation? Several reasons can trigger the need for a new bathroom. Whether you have changing needs or your bathroom is starting to get too old, a renovation could be in order.

Whatever concerns you have with your bathroom, it’s crucial always to ask a trusted plumber before considering DIY. Doing things by yourself requires money, time, and training or knowledge. There are also necessary government permits you would need to make sure everything is done correctly.

Hiring an expert plumbing team can make your bathroom renovations much easier. Get advice from pros who have years of experience with renovations. Talk to an expert plumber in Newcastle today and find out if it’s time for a bathroom renovation.