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Gas Heaters

Warm your room this winter with portable gas room heaters, which are the perfect to transport, install and setup in your home. Gas heaters are the superior way to heat your room as they are incredibly energy efficient whilst maintaining powerful and instant heating.

Gas heaters have the functionality to work indoors and outdoors and are perfect for any occasion. Green Planet Plumbing can supply, install and maintain your gas room heater! Equipped with years of industry experience and friendly staff, we are committed to providing you with the best possible heating solutions for your home.

  • Portable, easy to move around
  • Work for both indoor and outdoor settings
  • Easily installed and don’t cost much to run
  • Can store away during the summer months

Make your home a little more cozy this winter with Green Planet, call us on 4911 9402 and ask us about our gas heaters!

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