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Why Is My Sink Water Cloudy?

Worried about your tap water being cloudy or milky? You’re not alone. Many people ask about this and Green Planet Plumbing are here to give you the answer! So, you can stop worrying about what you’re drinking, or avoiding. Cloudy water isn’t very appealing, so we understand your concern. We’ll guide you through why it […]

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Plumbing Problems You Should Never Solve by Yourself

Plumbing is a system that is composed of pipes and other fixtures. This system is responsible for delivering and distributing potable, the technical term for ‘drinkable’, water to a house or place of business. Plumbing also makes sure that waterborne waste is removed. It is an essential part of any structure because it fulfils a function […]

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Most Common Water Problems in Old Homes

Old homes are a witness to years of growth in families and communities. These houses were able to endure the passing of time and weather. This does not mean, however, that repairs, whether small or significant, will never be needed. As the years go by, more and more maintenance works will be necessary to keep […]

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How to Know When Your Sewer Line is Clogged

Every property needs a properly working sewage system. If you own a house, you’ll need it for your daily water needs, especially for your kitchen and bathroom. The need for a good sewage system is even more necessary if you run a commercial or industrial facility. This is because the flow of water needed for […]

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What Does a Gas Fitter Do?

Almost every home uses gas in some way. Most commonly used for cooking or heating your home, having a gas line connected is essential for your family’s comfort. However, gas is highly flammable and you do not want it leaking in or around the house. As there are many ways gas lines can cause harm, […]

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Drainage Problems to Watch Out For

The drainage system is a crucial part of any building. Lack of proper maintenance can result in a blocked drainage system – and disruption to your household or business. Clogged drains are not only a huge inconvenience but a safety risk as well. If water is unable to flow out of your pipes, it can […]

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