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5 Most Common Drain Problems

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December 19, 2018 Clogged drains

Plumbing issues are common not only in households but also in commercial buildings. People constantly use water, some businesses even relying on it to operate,which is why drain problems are a home or business owner’s concern. A simple leak may result in a bigger problem in the future. If you don’t want to be shocked when you receive your utility bill, you should check if you are experiencing plumbing issues at home.

Showers, laundry tubs, sinks, and toilets are connected to a sewerage system under the ground. The pipes are not always visible because some parts of it are in between walls, while some are found under the ground. This is why it is not easy to determine the specific plumbing issue. The only way to find out if you have a problem with your drain system is to observe while you use water in the kitchen and bathroom.

5 of the most common drain problems

If you have been staying in the same building for a few years now, you should check different parts of the building, including pipes, to ensure your plumbing isn’t causing any issues.. Problems related to plumbing are not easy to identify but there are some symptoms that indicate that you need a plumber.

Here is a list of the most common problems in the drain that most households experience:

1.      Stubborn clogs

Whenever you need to use the shower or the bathtub, you cannot avoid the strands of hair that are washed down the drain. This is something that can cause clogging. Even if you are frequently clearing the floor from dirt, you will not be able to totally eliminate the small items that cause clogging problems.

You can regularly clean the drain to avoid clogs. If you still continue to experience the same problem, however, then you are not successful in eliminating the entire clog. In situations like this, the best thing that you can do is to get the help of a plumber. Hire a plumbing expert who uses advanced tools to eliminate clogs completely and solve the problem.

2.      Flooding

Flooding may happen as an effect of clogging. This is one of the worst problems that may happen to your drain. If you notice any signs of flooding, you should call for a plumber right away. This kind of problem should not ignored because it may spread contamination. It is not enough to eliminate the contaminated water; you should address the cause of the flooding.

This type of drainage system issue requires the experience of an expert plumber.

3.      Slow drain

One of the simplest problems that most people choose to ignore is slow-moving drains. This is easy to recognise especially if you know the normal flow of water in your sink, toilet, shower, or bathtub. It may look simple but you should never underestimate the possible seriousness of this problem.

Most of the time, a slow drain is a symptom for a more serious drainage problem. It can be an indication that there are clogs. It can also be due to grease and mineral build-up in the pipes. If you’ve tried eliminating the hair and other small items that may have caused the slow drain but the problem still persists, call a licensed Newcastle plumber to help you identify the real cause of the problem.

4.      Multiple clogs

You know that you have a serious problem with your drains if there are multiple clogs. If more than one of the drains is not working well, there must be a clog in the main drain system. This is a problem that needs professional expertise. A plumber has to reach into the system to eliminate the clog that’s causing problems to the sink or toilet.

5.      Persistent sewer odour

There are many different reasons why there could be a persisting foul odour coming from your drains. Usually, this is caused by the build-up of pollutants in the pipes. If you observe this at home, you need to let a plumber check the drainage system. The foul odour is a sign that there is a major drain problem that needs to be fixed.

blocked drain

What’s causing your clogged drains?

A blocked drain is a problem that should be dealt with immediately. This plumbing issue should be fixed as soon as the problem arises. If you cannot solve the problem even after trying to clear the drain and you do not have the plumbing equipment required, you should get the help of a drain expert!

Knowing the usual causes of blocked drains is a great way to avoid the problem from happening in your home. Here is a list of the most common causes of clogged drains and how you can prevent them:

·       Hair and foreign objects

Hair washing and shaving are just two activities that can block the drain. The hair build-up can be a reason for a bigger problem for the homeowners. If it is combined with some other foreign objects such as soap, tissue paper and other sanitary items, it is likely to cause a serious clog.

You can use some products in the market to prevent hair and other small objects from being washed down the drain hole. You may not completely filter everything but you can at least avoid serious clogging problems.

·       Grease

Food residue is the main contributor of grease and fat. Whenever you dispose of dirty water down the drain, grease may solidify and turn into a sticky obstruction in the pipe wall.

Clogging caused by grease is easy to remove. All you need to do is to drain hot water whenever you are cleaning the sink. You can also use any drain cleaner that can easily melt the grease build up.

·       Leaves and tree roots

If your home is surrounded by trees or other plants, you will definitely experience blocking problems caused by the falling leaves. The moment leaves are washed down the drain, the build-up can cause a problem on the sewer line. Regular cleaning outside can help you avoid this problem.

A more serious problem can be caused by tree roots that may get into the drain. This can lead to the cracking of pipe. There are some chemicals that can be used to kill the tree roots. This way, you can prevent its growth and the damage it can cause on the pipe.

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·       Poor quality drain system

The materials used for your pipes and the quality of the workmanship in building the drain system can also be blamed for clogs. Fragile pipes are prone to damage, and this can lead to clogging. The best way to deal with this problem is to employ the best plumber and to get the best materials for your drain system.

Tips to help you unclog drains

There are warning signs that will help you determine if your drains are clogged. The unpleasant odours and the pool of water whenever you take a shower are just two signs that will give you an idea about the condition of your drains and pipes.

Before you experience any problems caused by blocked drains, you have to do something to prevent small clogging issues. Here are some simple tips that can help you unclog drains:

1.      Mixture of baking soda and vinegar

Clogs that are caused by small objects and grease can be solved easily. Just combine a cup of soda and vinegar, and pour it down the affected drain. You can do this during the night after making sure that no one will be using water in the kitchen or the bathroom.

Let the solution sit overnight. On the next day, you can flush it with hot water. If the problem is not solved, then you are dealing with a problem that is not caused by hair, grease, or foreign object build-up. Ask for the help of a Newcastle plumbing company instead.

2.      Boiling water

If you are experiencing drain problems in the kitchen, you do not really have to go far to look for solutions. You can use boiling water to deal with this kind of problem. Just pour the hot water until the drain is cleared and the water is flowing normally. You can do this several times in an interval of few seconds. This is one of the simplest hacks that can save your pipes from grease build-ups.

unclog drains

3.      Sodium Hydroxide

If you have used the boiling water method but you are still experiencing the same clogging issue, you can consider this other option. Sodium Hydroxide can cause chemical burns. With this, you need to use it with caution. You should use rubber gloves and wear something that can help protect your eyes.

Sodium Hydroxide is available in the local hardware store. You can add 3 cups of the product to 2.8 litres of cold water. You can use a mop bucket for this. Just pour the solution into the clogged drain and let it sit for at least 20 minutes. Lastly, pour hot water into the drain.

4.      Dish soap

Dish detergent acts as a lubricant that can help in breaking up the grease build-up in the drain. All you need to do is pour enough amount of dish detergent into the clogged drain. After that, you can reinforce it by pouring hot water before you start plunging.

5.      Salt and baking soda solution

With the mixture of ½ cup of salt and the same amount of baking soda, you can create a solution that can dissolve blockages. To make it more effective, flush it using hot water after letting it sit for 30 minutes. Baking soda is known to be one of the most effective ingredients in eliminating blockages. Adding salt and hot water can add to the strength and effectiveness of the product.

Ask for a plumber’s assistance in cleaning the pipe and drains

There are a lot of plumbing activities that homeowners cannot do on their own. This is because of some tasks that require the equipment and tools that only a professional plumber can use. Instead of doing something for the first time and incurring more damage on the drains and pipes, we recommend you get the help of someone more than familiar with plumbing and sewerage works.

Cleaning the pipes and drains from mineral build-up after many years should be left only to a licensed plumber. If you are not sure about the location of the damage but you observed that there is a drain problem, you can always ask for assistance. Plumbers can do different jobs that are not limited to fixing leaks, repairing faulty pipes, identifying parts that need replacement, and many more.

We recommend homeowners undertake maintenance checks. This can be done annually or as frequent as you need it. Water and drain systems are quite important in maintaining the cleanliness of your home and in ensuring the safety and health of your family. A good drain system will help you eliminate toxic and contaminated water from your kitchen and bathroom.As years pass by, pipes and other essential parts may experience problems caused by outside forces. With this, you have to make sure that you are addressing the small problems to prevent it from escalating.

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